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front loading washing machine From this page you can access hundreds of articles and resources about UK washing machines. They’ve been slowly built up since the year 2000 by myself, an engineer with 40 years experience.

Topics on this page include the following –



If you’re looking for information and advice before buying a new washing machine I have a dedicated section for that here – buying advice page.

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Fix Common Faults (DIY Help)

A lot of things can go wrong with a washing machine. They do a lot of work and have many parts inside. I have a lot of articles under this section, but if you have a specific fault or problem that you are trying to diagnose or fix I have over 50 common faults listed on this page – Repair washing machine faults

Make sure you try the 50 diy help articles above first. If that doesn’t help try my washing machine forums

Error Codes Advice

If your washer has aborted the wash cycle and is either flashing lights or displaying strange numbers and letters it has probably detected a fault. Unfortunately these days error codes are quite cryptic and if you don’t know what one means you have no idea what has gone wrong – never-mind how to fix it.

If this is the case you need to visit my error codes help section


This section contains many frequently asked questions about problems and issues encountered when using a washing machine. Questions like how to get the soap drawer out for cleaning, should you use anti limescale tablets, and what is the difference between all of the different detergents?

It also answers questions you may have about problems with your laundry and the wash results. How to remove stains? How to prevent bobbling, stretching and pilling etc. Finally you can see answers to questions such as, is it safe to leave the washer on when you go out? Should you it turn off at the socket when it’s finished?

You may be surprised how useful and interesting some of these articles are. Go to using washing machine

Thought About Renting?

Buying Spare Parts

Have you heard of genuine spare parts and non-genuine spare parts? When buying replacement parts, unless you are on the manufacturers site you will find that many of the parts are not actually the genuine manufacturer spare part. This fact will be hidden from you, but it may not be that obvious either. Is there much difference between them? Which one should you order? For a full understanding have a look at the first article in this list about spare parts.

Other items in the following list offer helpful advice about specific spare parts.


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How dangerous are appliances?

Appliance Fires

Our appliances can be DANGEROUS: Wake up to the dangers and make your home a little safer

Safety notices

These are official safety notices issued by the manufacturer after it has been discovered they pose a serious safety risk. Note it is not a comprehensive list, it is just a list of those that I have been made aware of and have written about.

Note: for safety notices on other white goods please check out the individual pages for tumble dryers, dishwashers, fridges and freezers and cookers and ovens.

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