Buying Washing Machines

This page focuses on everything to do with buying a washing machine. Not just where to buy, but dozens of articles covering pre-purchasing decisions.

It also covers common problems & issues associated with buying a new washing machine. Have a look, you may be surprised how helpful some of them are.

Topics on this page include the following –

  • SIZE

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Energy labels and economy

Information and frequently asked questions about energy labels and economy issues on new washing machines

Sizes, drum capacity & spin speed

Articles about washing machine sizes, which will be very useful if you have a non-standard kitchen space. Washing machines do vary in size, depth and width, but not by much. Also looking at the pros and cons of different spin speeds and drum capacity pros and cons.


Actually buying washing machines. Recommendations on where to buy from and where not to buy from.

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  • No initial financial outlay
  • Prices start at around £3.91 per week
  • No more repair bills
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  • No stress trying to find a repairer
  • Stop constantly having to buy new ones

Extended Warranties

When you buy a new washing machine you are very likely to be asked if you want to buy an extended warranty for it. In fact some places are still pushing them very hard. So before buying you should really do some research into them, and make sure you understand exactly what they do and what they won’t do.


More buying advice

All the above articles are specific to buying washing machines. Don’t miss the Buying Appliances section, which has more useful advice regarding buying appliances that are general but still relevant to washing machines. The page also contains some washing machine reviews.

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