Broken Door Glass Photos

This page contains photos of broken and shattered washing machine door glass, sent to me by affected users. It also contains a total of how many broken glass reports I’ve personally received, and from which brand of washing machine.

For full context, please read the main article – washing machine exploding door glass

See below for more details and photographic evidence.

The majority of incidents have happened whilst the washing machine has been in use, usually whilst on spin. However, there are a surprising number of reported incidents where the washing machine door glass spontaneously exploded when the washing machine was not even running.

Which brands are affected?

Below is a break-down of the total number of incidents of shattered door glass reported to me personally. It should be noted that I initially received several dozen reports back in 2008. But incidents later slowed, and eventually dropped to a slow steady trickle a year or two after. However, I still get reports at the time of updating this article in 2022.

Total reported incidents 120 – including 30 who reported the washing machine was not even on at the time (some hadn’t been used for days).

Total shattered door glass reports

I received dozens of email reports, and have seen reports on other websites. It’s not possible to work out how many have also commented on my article.

So in the interests of accuracy, my chart tally below, only includes incidents added onto comments on my original broken door glass article (from 2008), plus any sent to me separately via email from Dec 2014 onwards.

This is the total number of incidents of shattered door glass reported to me personally (120).

Note: I’ve received only a small number of reports in the last 2 years. So it does not seem like this issue is getting worse.

  • AEG – 2 (not in use 1)
  • Baumatic – 1
  • Beko – 44 (not in use 8)
  • Bosch – 8 (not in use 3)
  • Brand Not specified – 2
  • Candy – 2
  • Electrolux 2 (not in use 2)
  • Haier – 1
  • Hoover – 5 (not in use 1)
  • Hotpoint – 8
  • Ignis – 1
  • Indesit – 5
  • Logik – 1 (not in use)
  • John Lewis Brand – 2 (Made by Zanussi)
  • LG – 9 (not in use 5)
  • Miele – 13 (not in use 5)
  • Samsung – 6 (not in use 3)
  • Tricity Bendix – 1
  • Whirlpool – 2
  • Zanussi – 5 (not in use 1)


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21 thoughts on “Broken Door Glass Photos”

  1. My beko 8kg washing machine door exploded whilst coming to the end of cycle this morning. It’s 14 months old so out of warranty. Huge shards of glass all over contents & floor. Please add my machine to your list.

  2. Hi, my Miele wed125 wc door found broken today when I came to empty it. Same thing happened with my previous Miele machine in 2021 causing us to replace it.

    1. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

      Hi that sounds extremely unlucky. Despite the many reports on my website it still only amounts to 120 reported incidents since 2008, so as far as I’m aware this problem is still extremely rare. Is it possible that something is being washed inside that has metal buckles or metal buttons that could be hitting the door glass? Having said that I believe that the door glass in washing machines should easily be strong enough to cope with such things.

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