From this page, you can access my articles and resources about UK dishwashers. This includes buying resources and articles related to safety, as well as some DIY repair help guides.

Topics on this page include the following –


If you don’t have a dishwasher already you might be wondering about the following question Which uses more water a dishwasher or washing by hand?

Spare Parts

Book Engineer


A dishwasher needs to be plumbed in. Most of them need connecting up to the cold water supply but some can be connected to the hot water instead. There are pros & cons for this as discussed in the first link below. Whitegoodshelp doesn’t deal with plumbing but the following articles can help decide how to get it plumbed in and out of calibrate it once it is ready for use.

Using & Common Problems & Faults

Here are a few common problems that people may come across whilst using a UK dishwasher. This appliance is not easy to work on from the DIY perspective though. All the parts are packed in tightly right underneath and difficult to access. I don’t recommend getting too involved at all. You are usually much better off getting in a proper engineer. Here are a few common error faults and codes that might appear in a dishwasher.

Common Problems

Error Codes

Buying Advice

As yet I haven’t done any of my own dishwasher reviews. To see the latest reviews and to get the latest Best Buy’s and Don’t Buys! check out Which?

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Safety & Safety Notices Issued

One of the most important safety aspect of using a dishwasher is to never leave one running when you are out or in bed. In particular do not leave pets trapped in a kitchen or in the same room. Dishwashers, like many of our other white goods appliances can and do catch fire, with very serious and often tragic consequences. If you have to go out just turn it off, close the door, and turn it back on when you get back in.

The following items are official manufacturers safety notices on dishwashers that I have become aware of. Please note it is not a comprehensive list. In other words I can’t guarantee that these are the only safety notices that have been issued.

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