How to reduce the height of a Miele washing machine

Q and A I recently wrote about how to reduce the height of a washing machine or washer dryer so that it fits under a worktop (Reducing the height of a washing machine to fit under a worktop). The article contains links to some height reduction kits but by no means all.

Height reduction kits are an accessory that few independents sell because there’s relatively little demand for them.

A Washerhelp user who read my Miele washing machines review and had bought a Miele contacted me recently to say how delighted she was with it but she wanted help finding a height reduction kit. She’d already found one on Miele’s web site but it was way too cheap (£29.90) and she was worried it wasn’t what she required as there was no photo available to reassure.

She was apprehensive because, “the old height reduction plate I have for my old Zanussi cost about £60-70, 8 years ago”. I must admit I too was puzzled because Miele washing machines are the best, but they aren’t cheap so you’d expect accessories to be more expensive.

She was able to report back to me after ordering one that it was indeed what she required and fitted easily.

We were both pleasantly surprised that this accessory was much cheaper than many really cheap brands. When people have often stretched themselves financially to buy a high quality product it’s not nice to have to fork out a lot more for an accessory.

So congratulations to Miele for pricing the kit very reasonably.

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9 thoughts on “How to reduce the height of a Miele washing machine”

  1. Hi I’m looking for height reduction kits for a Miele Dishwasher G638 plus, a Bosch Exxcel 7 1200 express washing machine and the Bosch Exxcel tumble dryer. Do you know where I could get them from?

    any help – gratefully received.


  2. Can anyone tell me how much the washer is reduced in height. What is the final overall height of the Miele washer?



  3. It’s possible some height reduction kits could involve removing the wheels and replacing with small feet but normally the reduction is just the depth of the lid, which is usually replaced with a flat one.

  4. I hope to use my Miele washing machine in a new house, which has a built in full width washer dryer currently. I would need the height reduction kit to fit it under the worktop, which is deeper than usual, so it could hopefully sit back a bit from the front and maybe even have a door hang off from the adjacent carcass. Does this sound feasible? Is there anything else to be aware of, please.

  5. Hello Matt. If the height reduction kit reduces the height enough and as long as you’ll be able to reach all the controls it should be ok . There needs to be some room for ventilation round the sides and top ideally.

    1. Thanks Andy. It is reassuring to know it is worth a try. I’m moving in about 6 weeks and hope to be able to give a positive update then (it will be a little tight in the sides but the plate should help with ventilation at the top)

  6. I did get the kit from Miele and it’s all fine. It reduces the height by about 2.5 cm I think. Basically the top of the washing machine is replaced by a thin plate. Not so much a kit – just a piece of metal but a great solution when you have a problem.

  7. Thanks for that, it’s very useful to know how much a height reduction kit can reduce the height. I’ll add this information to my article, if you get any more specific measurements let me know.

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