Buy Hotpoint & Creda FHP carbon brushes

fhp_motor Later Hotpoint washing machines had this FHP motor fitted. The carbon brushes for these motors are different, and much more hard wearing than the old ones which were very small and thin compared to these.

Just want to buy? This link should go to the relevant Hotpoint carbon brushes page on Ransom Spares – BUY Hotpoint / Creda carbon brushes

Models the FHP brushes fit –

fhp_brushes Electra 17054E , Electra 17055 , Electra 17055E , Electra 17056 , Electra 17057E , Electra 17058E , Electra 17059E , Electra 17340E , Electra 17342E , English Electric EE100A , English Electric EE100WD , English Electric EE120A , English Electric EE80A , Gala 1019P , Gala 1025A , Gala 1025P , Gala 1025W , Gala 1051A , Gala 1051P , Gala 1051W , Gala 1061N , Gala 1061P , Gala 1063N , Gala 1063P , Gala 1151A , Gala 1151P , Gala 1151W , Gala 1161N , Gala 1161P , Gala 1162N , Gala 1162P , Hotpoint 1019P , Hotpoint 1025A , Hotpoint 1025P , Hotpoint 1025W , Hotpoint 1051A , Hotpoint 1051P , Hotpoint 1051W , Hotpoint 1061N , Hotpoint 1061P , Hotpoint 1063N , Hotpoint 1063P , Hotpoint 1151A , Hotpoint 1151P , Hotpoint 1151W , Hotpoint 1161A , Hotpoint 1161P , Hotpoint 1161W , Hotpoint 17054E , Hotpoint 17055

Creda 17072E, Creda 17076, Creda 17078, Creda 17079, Creda 17080, Creda 17081, Creda 17083E, Creda 17084E, Creda 17085, Creda 17086, Creda 17087, Creda 17088G, Creda 17096E, Creda 17098E, Creda 17110, Creda 17111, Creda 17112E, Creda 17112G, Creda 17113G, Creda 17113X, Creda 17120, Creda 17121E, Creda 17176, Creda 17182E, Creda 17184E, Creda 17185E, Creda 17186E, Creda 17187E, Creda 17343E, Creda 17345, Creda 17345E, Creda 17346X, Creda 17390E, Creda 47305, Creda 47306, Creda 47308, Creda CWA252, Creda CWA262, Creda W100FW, Creda W1200, Creda W120FW, Creda W120VW, Creda W200FW/SC, Creda W220VW/SC, Creda WD1200, Creda WMA10PE, Creda WMA30PE, Creda WMA31PE, Creda WMA32PE, Creda WMA33PE

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