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From this page you can access my articles and resources about UK tumble dryers. This includes buying resources and articles related to safety as well as some DIY repair help guides.

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A tumble dryer does not have to be installed. You can just put one in place and run it. This is especially true for condenser dryers. However, it is recommended that a vented dryer is connected to an exterior wall venting kit so that the hot and lint-laden air is vented outside.

See the following articles for advice on using a dryer without venting kit and other installation related questions.

Dryer Spare Parts

Common Problems & Faults

Here are a few common problems that people may come across whilst using a tumble dryer. Some of the articles have DIY repair help, but because dryers are normally difficult to work on my advice is relatively general.

For example, whereas fitting a drive belt on a washing machine is extremely simple, conversely it’s often a major job on a tumble dryer. It usually requires the whole thing to be stripped down. You also usually even need a special tool to fit the belt. Most people would find it impossible or extremely difficult to do.

Buying Advice

One of the biggest decisions to make when buying a new dryer is whether to go for a vented one or a condenser. Another major decision involves making sure you get one that is not going to cost a fortune to run. Both these questions have been answered below.


Electrolux Iron Aid tumble dryer

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This important section covers being safe when using a dryer. Tumble dryers can be very dangerous, and a lot of them catch fire each year. It’s very important to use one properly and safely, and to maintain it properly. They create a lot of heat and to be honest they get a lot of misuse by people who don’t fully understand the risks involved in not looking after one properly.

Manufacturer’s Safety Notices Issued

The following items are official manufacturers safety notices on tumble dryers that I have become aware of. Please note it is not a comprehensive list. In other words I can’t guarantee that these are the only safety notices that have been issued.

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