Reducing the height of a washing machine

Height Some people find their kitchen worktops have been fitted too low and so their washing machine won’t fit underneath. If you haven’t bought a washing machine yet and the height difference is only a few millimetres you may be able to find one that’s slightly lower than average..

However, you may find it impossible to find a washing machine low enough to fit. If the washing machine is only a few millimetres too high it may be worth trying to find a washing machine that will fit. However, it’s not easy to research the height of washing machines. Most are the same standard height anyway. (Washing machines and associated problems with sizes)

If you cannot find a washing machine small enough to fit under the worktop there is always the possibility of reducing the size of the washing machine instead.

Reducing height using height reduction kit

Most washing machine manufacturers have a specially designed low lid (a flat metal plate with a seal) which is available as an accessory. This will lower the height of your washing machine safely. I’ve had reports from a Miele owner that their reduction kit reduced the height of their washing machine by about 2 and a half centimetres (25mm).

I can see also that an old Hotpoint washing machine range can be reduced by 30 mm. Sometimes they come as a complete “height reduction kit” which can include replacement feet or wheels to further lower the washing machine height if necessary.

However, these kits aren’t always easily available as they don’t sell many. You may be able to find one on Ransom Spares but if not contact the manufacturer. Height reduction kits

NOTE: there are several height reduction kits listed over 2 pages of results. However, some don’t have photos or even model numbers that they fit. If you can’t find enough information just send a part enquiry via the “Need help?” box at the bottom of the page. You should also try to be sure exactly how much the height of the washing machine will be reduced by using the reduction kit before purchasing. Miele height reduction kitsReducing the height of a Miele washing machine

Reducing height without a kit

The most common method of getting a washing machine to fit under a worktop that’s too low is to remove the lid, which will reduce the height of the washing machine by a few millimetres, or even up to an inch or so depending on the height of the original lid. However, you should not use the washing machine without a lid!

If you just remove the lid it will of course lower the height of the washing machine but with the following consequences –

1: It will increase noise levels

2: It may create a dangerous possibility for small fingers to touch electrical parts if there is a gap.

3: If the washing machine caught fire there’s nothing to contain it and smoke could escape to the room. In the event of something catching fire inside the lack of a lid would also allow much more oxygen to the fire and could make it more serious

4: Any leak from above the machine could allow water inside to short out and blow expensive parts (leak from a bathroom ceiling above the kitchen or just water from the worktop above for example)

Removing the feet

Removing the feet, which should just screw out will reduce the height of a washing machine. However, the feet do 3 jobs. They stop the washing machine scratching the floor, they help keep it from sliding around, and they allow you to make the washing machine level if the floor is uneven. If you take them off you may have other problems.

Here’s one tip (from Joe M in the comments). If the feet have locking nuts on the thread unscrew the feet and take off the locking nut. Refit the feet and screw all the way down. This should allow the feet to be screwed in 4 or 5 mm further.

how do sizes from different manufacturers differ?

For an idea of how the height, width and depth of washing machines varies (or in reality doesn’t vary much) between different manufacturers check out my investigation here washing machine sizes comparison

More info below

Make sure you read the comments below where other users have shared their experiences.

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39 thoughts on “Reducing the height of a washing machine”

  1. Steve Fitzhenry

    Hi Andy – just replacing my washer and have a height issue. I know a Beko will fit without removing the lid but wanted to find out which manufactures supply the flat metal plate accessory – would you happen to know.

    If no luck it looks like its a Beko


  2. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Hi Steve, yes it’s not recommended to use a washing machine without the lid. It exposes potential electric shock issues, electrical shorting out if water ran into it from a worktop above and a fire safety issue if the washing machine caught fire. You would need to contact Beko directly. You can find them on my appliance manuals page.

  3. hi,
    please can you help.
    Countertop issue like everyone else so need to buy washing machine i can take lid off to reduce height.
    i cannot find one that has a flat lid replacement part anymore???
    i’ve called everyone !!
    i don’t mind size model .. anything at this stage. Any suggestions ???

  4. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Hello Debbie. Have you asked for a height reduction kit? If you haven’t asked for a height reduction kit it might be possible that you were given bad information if you just asked for a washing machine where you can take the lid off. You can buy a few from Ransom Spares – height reduction kits but they are only for Hotpoint washing machines and they are £80-£90.

    If possible it would be a lot better in the long run to just have the height of the kitchen worktop raised to the proper standard height, though I do appreciate that it might either be extremely difficult or virtually impossible. Did you read my article that gives tips about removing the feet? That can give you potentially enough height reduction on its own.

  5. Hi thank you for response.
    I did ask for any washing machine avail that came with option to replace lid with the height reduction kit.
    Any suggestions? You mentioned Indesit ? Do you know of a model that is compatible with the reduction lid?
    many thanks

  6. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Hello Debbie. The link that I put in my last comment goes to height reduction kits for Hotpoint washing machines. However, if you have asked Hotpoint if they have any washing machines with a height reduction kit available and they have said no then presumably those height reduction kits might just be for older models. To be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if all manufacturers have stopped making height reduction kits but I don’t know if that is the case or not. Make sure you have asked the manufacturer and not a retailer.

    I have another article where someone found a height reduction kit for a Miele washing machine (reducing the height of a Miele washing machine) but the problem there is that the cheapest Miele washing machine is likely to be £600.

    The height of the washing machine is one of the most consistent measurements stuck to by manufacturers. All of the washing machines I have investigated are 85 mm high. There were just three or four that were slightly smaller but literally a maximum of 1 mm smaller. Check out this article to get an idea of which brand might be 84 mm high – washing machine sizes comparison chart however it does not give model numbers, only brands.

    If you think removing the lid would be enough then maybe just removing the feet instead might be enough? Although make sure to read my advice about removing the feet in this article above.

  7. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Hi Debbie. I’ve just discovered that Miele called their height reduction kit a, “Building‑under kit”. Also I found this information on their website under laundry appliance accessories. As I said before, a Miele washing machine is probably too expensive but if you haven’t done so already I would go to each washing machine manufacturers website and seek out their accessories webpage which should list all accessories available for their washing machines. If there is a replacement lid that is much thinner, or a full height reduction kit it should be there. If none of them have anything listed there then I think it’s fair to say they probably do not make them any more.

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