Washing machine repair help

Troubleshooting washing machines

If you want to repair a washing machine this is an index page for troubleshooting many common washing machine faults. It contains links to over 50 DIY help articles by an engineer with over 40 years experience. They contain general advice, which may help fixing many basic faults (UK washing machines) that don’t require an engineer, or to give an idea of how serious a fault may actually be.

You must be competent to carry out repairs and accept responsibility for your own and other people’s safety

Book Repair

Appliance repair If in any doubt, choose a repair company from my appliance repairs page. If you use one it helps to keep this site running at no extra cost to you. DIY repairs are not recommended unless you really know what you are doing.

© Copyright Whitegoodshelp / Washerhelp: Please feel free to link to these diy help articles. But don’t copy and paste them as your own work. Not crediting the author is plagiarism.

Appliance Safety

Attempting repairs if you aren’t qualified is very dangerous. Never try to repair an appliance if you don’t know what you are doing.

You should seriously be aware of the potential dangers, and never work with electrical appliances unless you are competent to do so. (For example, some washing machine modules can now give an electric shock even after the washing machine is unplugged!)

Is there an Error Code?

This page covers faults with specific symptoms (eg. leaking, making noise, not finishing cycle). So if your washing machine is flashing lights or displaying letters & numbers you need this section washing machine error codes. If you are looking up specific symptoms make sure you check in all the different sections.

Broken Appliance

Get your appliance repaired

Choose from the following list of appliance repairers..

Fixed-price repairs, Pay monthly, Repair & protect..

Washer Dryer Specific Faults

Washing Machine Forums

Washing machine forums Washing machine forums (hosted on Washerhelp). Several are open to new members and others are archived for research. Only ask questions on the forum if the answer is not already covered in an appropriate help article above. More washing machine help on Washerhelp Forums

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