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From this page you can access my articles and resources about UK fridges, fridge-freezers and freezers. This includes buying resources and articles related to safety as well as some DIY repair help guides.

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Installing a fridge or freezer involves finding a suitable environment for it. It will need plenty of room for ventilation and needs to be kept free from dust and obstructions at the back. Refrigeration appliances are designed to work within strict temperature limits so there are a few places where we like to keep one, which are entirely unsuitable as explained in the following articles.

Buy Fridge & Freezer Spares & Accessories

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Using & Common faults

Here are a few common problems that people may come across whilst using a UK fridge or freezer. Refrigeration appliances need a lot of specialised equipment and knowledge, so you should not try to repair anything yourself other than fairly straight forward faults. You are usually much better off getting in a refrigeration engineer.

Common Problems

Buying Advice

As yet, I haven’t done any of my own fridge or freezer reviews. To see the latest reviews and see what the latest Best Buy’s and Don’t Buys are, check out Which? This is especially important with refrigeration appliances because there are still fridges and freezers for sale with plastic backs that can catch fire! Which have a big list of which ones to NOT buy.

Benefit from Latest Reviews & Research

Several Which? Trial Offers available to allow you to research all future purchases and see expert reviews and recommendations. Easily save a lot more money than it costs.

Pre Purchase Advice

Although I don’t have any reviews of actual fridges, the following articles are useful to read before you buy one as they cover some important issues.

250 Fridges & Freezers to AVOID

Warning: Do not buy any new fridge or freezer with a flammable plastic back. Which? have provided a list of the ones that failed their tests. Although relatively rare, fires happen more than you might think. Having a flammable plastic back can be fatal!

Safety & Safety Notices Issued

Unfortunately there have been many house fires caused by refrigeration appliances. The most infamous being Grenfell. There are also thousands of fires caused by our other white goods, but there is one major difference. With all of the other white goods appliances I can advise that you never leave them running when you are out or in bed. But sadly our fridges and freezers have to be left on 24/7.

So arguably it is even more important to read the safety information below. The best advice I can give to help keep your refrigeration appliances as safe as possible is to follow the 5 rules below.

  1. Make sure your refrigeration appliances are installed in an appropriate environment so they are not overworking (see the first section at the top of this page)
  2. Make sure there is plenty of space all around the appliance to allow air to circulate
  3. Regularly pull out your appliance to clean behind it and remove any debris and dust that may have accumulated around parts at the back including the large black metal part
  4. Try not to put things on top of the appliance that could fall down the back. I recently read in the news about a fridge that overheated and set fire to something that had dropped down and wedged at the back
  5. Read the following official safety notices about dangerous refrigeration appliances in case you, or someone in your family has one, and keep checking for new warnings

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