Buy Old Hotpoint Carbon brushes

hotpoint-brushes-2 These carbon brushes have been used by Hotpoint for many years now and are slightly thicker than the previous brushes. They were fitted initially to the 1200 and 1400 spin washing machines but eventually they became the standard carbon brush for all Hotpoint washing machines.

Note: Some later Hotpoint washing machines have a different motor fitted, which means your model number may be listed below – but these carbon brushes will not fit. However, you shouldn’t be buying carbon brushes for your washing machine if you haven’t already taken them out of your motor and confirmed they are indeed worn out. Therefore, if they look the same as the picture here, they will fit.

To see a picture of and buy the later Hotpoint FHP type motors and brushes see this page Hotpoint & Creda FHP carbon brushes.

These carbon brushes (1600474) fit the following Hotpoint models

95 series (models beginning with 95) 9900 9901 9920 9924 9934 95840 95842 WM11 WM12 WM13 WM14 WM19 WM20 WM21 WM22 WM23 WM24 WM25 WM26 WM29 WM31 WM32 WM34 WM35 WM38 WM41 WM63 WM64

These brushes fit more models than listed so if your model isn’t listed you need to match them up by comparing them to the ones in the picture. If yours look like this and are the same colour they will fit. There are no other brushes that look similar to this but are different other than the black ones above.

NOTE: Both carbon brush sets (the black and the white type) are very similar other than the colour of the brush holders and the quality of the carbon brush inside. You may notice that some of the same models are listed for both types of carbon brush. Try to use the same colour as your original brushes.


Buy Hotpoint Carbon Brushes

These were one of the most commonly used Hotpoint spare parts ever. These Hotpoint carbon brushes wear out quicker than any other carbon brush I know and Hotpoint must have made a fortune out of selling them. As Hotpoint and Creda are now owned and made by the same manufacturer, many Creda motors also use these same carbon brushes.

There are two common types of carbon brush for the old Hotpoint washing machines. They will fit Hotpoint motors from the 1970s virtually up to approximately 2002. The later WMA washing machines have different carbon brushes (see lower down).

The carbon brushes pictured (161460) fit the following Hotpoint and Creda models

1535 1545 1850 95 series (All models beginning with 95) 9900 9901 9920 9924 9934 17028 17040 18831 18840 18861 18870 18871 18880 18881 18580 18680 18780 18871 18872 18873 18880 95130 95132 95360 95362 95450 95452 95470 95472 95490 95492

These brushes fit more models than listed above. If your model isn’t listed you need to match them up by comparing them to the ones in the picture. If yours look like this and are the same colour they will fit. The only other brushes that look like this are the white ones above.

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  1. Hi there
    I’m trying to find the carbon brushes for a approx 10yr old Hotpoint WF 250p washing machine,but can’t find them in your list. Please HELP and if you have any luck send me the part number.

    Regards Pat Dorsett

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