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Modern washing machines use error codes when they detect a fault. Unfortunately it’s impossible to decipher many of these codes. Manufacturers keep most of them secret. However, I do have a lot of information about them, and I have a list of some error code meanings.

Before jumping in though I strongly recommend you read the following useful and important general error code advice. This will help you realise what you are dealing with and prevent you making mistakes –

Error Codes Advice

What does my error code mean?

If a washing machine is fitted with a proper display panel it will display an error code in a readable format such as E10 or F08. Basic or older models not fitted with a display panel will use a more crude method. This could be lighting up a specific combination of option lights, or it may just flash a single LED light a specific number of times in a cycle.

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Lights Flashing or dial clicking round

Flashing lights If your washing machine is just flashing lights you need to read the following article before trying to find out what it means (unless one of the descriptions below matches your fault) –

AEG & Dyson

Hoover Candy

Appliance Safety

Attempting repairs if you aren’t qualified is very dangerous. Never try to repair an appliance if you don’t know what you are doing.

More help for faults with symptoms but not displaying error codes – Troubleshooting washing machine faults.

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