DIY Washing machine repair warnings

The Internet is crammed full of advice from experts, DIY enthusiasts, and well-intentioned people in forums. Millions of people try to repair their own appliances, so it’s impossible to stop them. Whitegoodshelp has lots of useful advice, but is very big on safety. If you must try to do DIY repairs, at least check out my many useful safety tips.

8 things you should never do when repairing a washing machine

1: Never just pull a washing machine out without checking that the fill hoses at the back are long enough. Most hoses aren’t long enough to let you pull the washing machine fully out, and the plastic connectors could snap off, spraying water everywhere.

2: Never turn a washing machine upside down, water can run onto electrical parts and cause electrical faults. Always drain all the water out before laying a washing machine down (preferably on it’s front or back).

3: Never leave any safety device such as a door lock, fuse or TOC by-passed.

4: Never leave a washing machine plugged in with the top or back off while you leave the room. Someone in the house (or even a pet) could touch a live wire and be electrocuted.

5: Never just leave a washing machine running unattended after doing a DIY repair and assume everything is now OK. Always test it properly and thoroughly for leaks or faults. (5 things to double-check after repairing or installing a washing machine)

6: Never ever work on a washing machine that is plugged in, and always ensure it has definitely not got any electricity running through it if you haven’t been able to pull out the plug. Don’t rely on someone else disconnecting it, or switches – even if it’s gone “dead” (I’ve turned washing machine off at the socket – I can’t get a shock now can I?)

7: If using a neon screwdriver (or other device) to check if a wire is live and it doesn’t light up, don’t assume it hasn’t lit up because it’s not live – what if the device has gone faulty? I always use it to check a known live source first, which shows me the device is working, or have the device touching and showing it’s live as the power is disconnected and watch the device go out.

8: Some new washing machine modules can give an electric shock even after the washing machine is unplugged!

More washing machine DIY repair safety issues

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