3 Pre Repair Tips

Here are 3 quick tips related to getting your faulty appliance repaired. Check them out now, even if you don’t anticipate needing a repair, it may save you a lot of trouble in the future.

1 Always get out your smart phone and take photos of a part (or wiring) before you start messing around. You can then refer back to it later. I often get people asking me for wiring diagrams or wiring information after they’ve taken a part off an appliance, or pulled off some wires to replace a part.

It’s amazing how often it happens. They’ve completely forgotten which way round the wires went – or how the part fitted exactly. This is usually because (and I’ve done it myself) when you take off the wires or remove a part you honestly think you’ll remember how it fitted, or which wires went where – especially if it doesn’t look too complicated. But this knowledge usually just goes into short-term memory and a soon as something happens to distract you it’s gone! Another causes when there is a much longer delay before you try to put it back together such as waiting for the spare part and it just disappears from your memory. So don’t rely on memory take photos.

Intermittent fault – engineer coming?

Part 2 Here is another tip for if you are experiencing an intermittent fault. It could be an intermittent leak, or a strange noise that comes and goes. If concerned that an engineer won’t find a fault and try to charge you claiming there’s nothing wrong – get out the phone and either take photos of the water on the floor or better still video the machine for a short while when it’s exhibiting the fault so you can show them.

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You can’t quote the full model & serial number if the door is jammed

3 Here’s a tip for washing machines and tumble dryers and possibly dishwashers too. Write down (or photograph) the full model, serial number and production numbers from the rating plate on you appliance if one is fitted behind the door. If you ever need to call an engineer (particularly if under guarantee), or need to order a spare part, you will need to use the model number, serial number, and in the case of many makes some other special numbers printed on the rating plate.

This would be impossible if the fault you are experiencing happens to be that the door is jammed shut. The numbers on the control panel are not enough! The numbers are sometime duplicated on the back but it can be equally impossible to pull a washing machine out if it’s tightly fitted in a kitchen and the door is jammed shut.

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Sometimes the numbers can also be behind the pump filter door flap or even behind the kick plate strip at the bottom of the front of the machine. However, if there is a sticker inside the door or on the back of the door on your washing machine in particular then make a note of it now in case it ever gets a jammed shut door. Finally, here is a related article washing machine door won’t open

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