Using White Goods Appliances

Using Appliances

This page covers a wide range of topics related to using white goods appliances. Not just how to operate an appliance, but also covering topics such as installation, and environmental issues – and most importantly, user safety issues.

I specialise in washing machines and safety issues, but I also write articles about other white goods appliances too.

User manuals (instruction books)

Find user instruction manuals

If you need to download a user instruction manual for a white goods appliance, most of them are now available from the manufacturer.

See my appliance user manuals page

Installing or connecting appliances

Articles related to installing or connecting various appliances. Not the actual plumbing in, but how to properly connect one up to existing plumbing and all related advice and tips.

If your appliance is under a worktop, don’t fit tiles or flooring up to it.


Appliance safety

Dangerous appliances

Do you have any dangerous appliances in your home? When manufacturers realise there is a serious issue with one of their white goods appliances they are forced to issue what’s called a safety notice..

These are not issued lightly, and often warn about very serious dangers to anyone using one or having one running in their home. Make sure you check this list – Manufacturer’s Safety Notices – all white goods

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