Can you buy a washing machine with door hinged on the right?

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Most washing machine doors are hinged on the left. That means the door closes into a catch on the right. This is perfectly okay for most people, but some find that the way that their kitchen is designed means that they really could do with the washing machine door opening on the other side. That is, hinged on the right, with door catch on the left.

There are very few washing machines that have the door hinged on the right-hand side. The main washing machines I’m aware of that do, are Miele washing machines. They have their washing machines hinged on the right, and their tumble dryers hinged on the left. This is so that when fitted side by side, both appliances have doors that open on the outside, and you can easily transfer laundry from one to the other. It’s a good idea, though I don’t know why they think the tumble dryer should be on the left.

I’ve also seen a Hotpoint Aqualtis range that appears to be hinged on the right. The Aqualtis range is the washing machine with a very large door, which incorporates the control panel. Check the comments below in case more examples have been added.

Can you move the door hinge to the other side?

No. You can’t change the door hinge around on a freestanding washing machine. The vast majority of washing machines have left hinged doors. They cannot be changed around. The only white goods appliances where you can change the door around are refrigeration appliances. This is because they don’t use a door catch, they just use a magnetic seal.

It would be very impractical to design a washing machine with two door catches, two door locks and two sets of hinges to enable you to swap the doors around. That’s never going to happen.

If you know of any other washing machines that are hinged on the right, please add a comment to this article. Check the comments below for further discussion. Some other examples of washing machine’s being hinged on the right have been pointed out.

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19 thoughts on “Can you buy a washing machine with door hinged on the right?”

  1. All miele washing machines are hinged on the right. Interestingly Bosch are now left hinged to match their tumble dryers which are right hinged for placement side by side.

      1. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

        Hi William. That’s the issue, most washing machines are hinged on the left. It’s very rare for one to be hinged on the right.

  2. I am even more demanding – I want a right hinged WM of slimline depth. There’s a mini one by Candy (69 high and 51 wide, 44 deep) but nothing else. Miele don’t do slimline. What’s the matter with these people that they can’t see there’s a market out there? Anyone know any better?

  3. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Hello Abe. As far as I know all washing machines are either hinged on the right or hinged on the left. There is no option to move them like there is on fridge for example. This is because the door has to latch into an electronic door lock inside the washing machine. It would be totally impractical to try and design a washing machine that allowed you to swap the hinges around. If the cupboard door is attached to the washing machine it will only open in the same direction as the door. But if the cupboard door is just covering up the washing machine and not actually attached to the door then you ought to be able to hinge it on whichever side suits you best.

  4. Washers should be hinged the opposing side to dryers, so you don’t have to maneuver around the door when transferring clothes from one to the other. It baffles me why they don’t do this routinely. It irritates me every time I use it.

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