Washing Machine Sizes Comparison

Washing machine sizes

Sample of different washing machine sizes

Whilst researching for my article washing machines and associated problems with sizes I decided to check the specifications of various washing machines. I chose a healthy mix of common brands and models, and a few more obscure ones.

The table shows the different washing machine measurements that I found. It is in no away definitive. And there is no information on which models they were. That data would soon go out of date. But it gives a very good idea of where slight variations in sizes can be found, and where sizes seem to be pretty standard.

Use this table to decide how likely you are to find one at the smaller size you require. The results can be reordered by clicking a column. I’ve commented on a few unusual results.

If looking for a smaller than normal washing machine read my main article (link above). You can use price comparison sites to filter washing machines on depth, width or height to try and find one.

6045 *85* 47.8 on a different site
59.545 *85* 5Kg Drum
6062 *84* 11Kg Drum (Smeg)
6040 *85* 6Kg Drum (Zerowatt)
59.550 *85* 5Kg Drum (White Knight)
6052 *85* 8Kg (Candy)
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9 thoughts on “Washing Machine Sizes Comparison”

  1. Hi Andy

    Do you correlate size to manufacturer/model, is it possible?

    Might be useful in helping to identify fire damaged appliances

  2. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Hello John. No I didn’t take note of the exact models and sizes as that would make my data out of date quite quickly. Manufacturers are constantly changing and deleting models. The chart gives a very good idea of the kind of differences there are though, so it’s just a case of popping onto one of the price comparison sites and filtering results on width, depth or height.

  3. Hi Andy

    I’m in need of a new washing machine but because I only have 60cm possibly 61cm at most depth overall as it is in a cupboard (not integrated). I’m having trouble finding one that does not have the cheese grater drum. I find these are more likely to make holes in the clothes. I don’t want hoover or any that are linked to them due to safety problems they have had but these do seem to be smaller in depth. Just wonder if you could point me in the direction of a good make and model that will fit for me to look at.
    many thanks

  4. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Hello Sue. Washing machine drums have had the multiple holes in them for at least 50 years and as you have found the overwhelming majority of washing machine still have the same type of drums so it’s difficult to agree that there is a problem with them. If used according to proper instructions and the correct wash cycle is chosen it should be very rare for any holes to happen at all. Holes in clothes is a complicated issue as you can see from my article here holes in clothes after washing. But many of the holes are not caused by the washing machine. It’s whirlpool and Indesit that are most linked to safety issues. The only drum I can recommend that does not have the standard holes in it is the Miele honeycomb drum but of course the Miele washing machines are a lot more expensive.

  5. Hello Andy I too have a problem with washing machine height and was wondering if I could run an integrated washing machine as freestanding?

  6. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Hello Anne. I presume you want to put a washing machine somewhere where there isn’t a worktop above it? Built-in washing machines are designed to fit tightly underneath a worktop. Their casings are quite flimsy and they stand on plastic adjustable legs. They get their stability from being clamped tightly between the floor and a worktop. I would expect a built-in washing machine would be quite unstable if it was just placed on the floor somewhere and it would move about a lot.

  7. I have found this information really helpful. I’ve just had a new kitchen fitted with free standing cooker, fridge and washing machine. We had to take the legs off the washing machine to get it back under the worktop. I’ve had it more than 10 years but am concerned about getting a new one when it eventually breaks down.

  8. Hello my 9kg washer has broken and I need to buy a new one asap. This time we would love a 14kg washer but so far, I’ve only managed to find depths that would stick out TOO MUCH. My current machine is 58cm and there is space behind for the pipes etc. BECAUSE WE SO MUCH WOULD LOVE A 14KG WASHER we are prepared to have A MAX DEPTH OF 61CM. We’d like a decent energy rating. We’d like white with a silver door frame OR white with a white door frame OR if we HAVE TO reluctantly we’d accept white with black door frame. Our budget ideally would be approx £400 but for the right machine with the right depth (no more than 61cm), etc, WE WOULD GO TO £560 IF NECESSARY. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COULD YOU FIND ME SOME THAT MEET OUR REQUIREMENTS. I’ve spent all day looking. Even a 13kg would be considered. Thanking you in anticipation. Peter – Greater Manchester.

  9. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Hello Peter. If you look at the chart featured in my article above, you can see that there are washing machines with the kind of depth that you are looking for. But, if you’ve spent a long time looking for a washing machine with a smaller depth – and an extremely large drum, and found nothing, then I would assume it is because they are not available. You just can’t fit an extra large drum into a smaller space.

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