Washing machines with faster washes

Mitsubishi have produced “the world’s quickest washing machine” (currently only available in Japan). Most people have erroneously reported it as the world’s “fastest” washing machine (which implies spin speed) whereas this washing machine washes in world record time (quickest). It’s reported to be capable of washing nine kilograms (20 pounds) of clothes in just 35 minutes.

This reminds me of the frustration many customers have with the long length of time modern washing machines take to wash, which is an increasingly irritating issue for customers who these days have never been so short of time.

Why do we need faster washes?

It’s not that washing machines take up more of our actual time. We only need to load, set the programme and unload. It’s just that people are generally very busy. They don’t want to wait so long before they can get on with drying and ironing etc.

My wife for example would love to hang the washing out before she sets off for work in the morning. Instead she has to rely on me to get it out (if I remember), or leave the laundry getting more and more creased in the drum until she gets home several hours after.

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My experience tells me that lots of people want washing machines that can wash really quickly, and that they are annoyed and frustrated by washing machines taking far too long to wash. I’ve explained the reasons for this modern-day frustration on Washerhelp’s washing machine forum Wash Times Too Long? Reasons why (also explains why even though washes are much longer they are actually more energy efficient).

However, understanding the reasons doesn’t detract from the annoyance. Many current quick wash options still don’t give a quick enough wash and don’t wash very thoroughly either. They are also only relatively quick compared with washing machines from the past. Manufacturers know people want quicker washers so are producing “quick” washes but they don’t wash dirty loads properly. Many people are so desperate for quicker wash times they are using quick wash programmes and options inappropriately. Most quick wash programmes are only designed for freshening up laundry or washing very lightly soiled laundry.

I have a feeling that a significant amount of customers would still favour a washing machine that washed in 45 mins and gave decent wash results to one that took nearly two hours but gave an A rated wash. They don’t expect that the price to pay for A wash ratings is very long wash times – often around 2 hours. As long as a washing machine is capable of giving A wash results when used “properly”, why not let people have the choice of accepting lower quality washes as a compromise for having them done in about 45 minutes with a genuinely quick, “quick wash”?

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4 thoughts on “Washing machines with faster washes”

  1. Hi, your website is wonderful!

    We have just bought a John Lewis 1203 and discovered that a normal 40 degree wash takes 2hours 20 mins. I know you have written a blog about longer wash times but this just seems excessive?

    also, surely the cheaper energy and water savings are offset by having it run longer?

    What do you think?

  2. I am desperate to replace a machine but need a proper quick wash is there any machine out there capable of this or is it only the Mitsubishi in Japan?!

    1. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

      Hi Jane. What do are you thinking of when you say, a “proper” quick wash? As far as I’m aware, the wash cycles that claim to be “quick wash” are massively compromised, and only useful if something hardly really needs washing at all. There’s basically, wash this properly, or wash it quickly.

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