Washing machines with a 30 degree wash cycle

A lot of people want to buy a washing machine with a 30 degree wash cycle. Unfortunately, all 30 degree wash cycles are not the same. Anyone wanting to wash cottons at 30 degrees to reduce energy usage needs a proper, dedicated 30 degree cottons cycle – and not a 30 degree cycle designed for delicates.

Many 30 degree wash programmes are designed for either delicate items, or for laundry that is very lightly soiled. Therefore they don’t wash for long enough, agitate enough, or spin fast enough to properly wash any normal washing. They commonly only last about 30 minutes or even as low as 15 minutes.

Clearly you can’t expect to wash the majority of laundry properly in such short times, which includes rinses and spins, and at only 30 degrees? This type of programme is just not good enough for if you want to wash much of your laundry at lower temperatures for environmental reasons.

Make sure the washing machine can do proper 30 degree cycles

So if you want to use 30 degree wash cycles to save energy then you need a modern dedicated 30 degree wash cycle designed for low temperature washes. Or alternatively, a washing machine with a manual temperature setting.

With the latter you can wash on a normal cottons cycle and manually drop down the temperature from 40 degrees to 30 degrees.

This should allow you to set your own temperature meaning you can select a cottons wash and turn down the temperature to 30. This should do a proper normal wash with all the rinses and a full final fast spin but at 30 degrees instead of 40.

However, before getting too carried away with the idea of saving lots of energy by dropping down from 40 to 30 you should be aware that the savings are not as great as you might assume.

Plus there are actual disadvantages that can shorten the life of your washing machine. I don’t dismiss 30 degree washes altogether, but being informed helps you make good decisions.

Have a look at my article washing at 30 degrees – what you need to know first for more information.

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5 thoughts on “Washing machines with a 30 degree wash cycle”

  1. We can conserve energy and water even without using 30 degree washers. You need only to cut back on the use of hot water cycle. Use this only for your very dirty clothes. Or, you can pre-treat your dirty clothes with a stain remover before putting it in your washer. This way, you can cut down on energy usage.

  2. I have a friend who is convinced that if you only use the 30 degree setting on a washing machine, you are paying much less on the electricity bill. I have a hotpoint mac hine which is less then 10 years old. As I understand from your article, you don’t save much money. Am I right?

  3. My wife has a Bosch wae24063gb washing machine and at 30 degrees complains that a normal wash takes well over an hour. Is this right as the machine in not yet two years old?also would it be any quicker T 40 degrees.

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