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About this Page Looking to buy a new white goods appliance? You should do some research first. This section is a good place to start, written by a repair engineer with over 40 years experience. Buy the right appliance and avoid many pitfalls.

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Fridge & Freezer Vital Safety Warning

Don't Buy Fridges and Freezers

Warning: Do not buy a new fridge or freezer with a flammable plastic back. Which? have provided a list of the ones that failed their tests. Though relatively rare, fires happen more than you might think. Having a flammable plastic back should be unacceptable

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Which is Best?

See 5 important and unique pieces of advice before buying a new appliance, by an engineer with 40 years in the trade. These tips are unlikely to be seen anywhere else and look at a much bigger picture – five tips for buying a new appliance

What are the Pros & Cons of Built in Appliances

Built in appliances Integrated (or built in) appliances are common in many UK homes. They are desirable for many people with fitted kitchens. But they have a lot of downsides compared to free standing appliances. … Pros & Cons of Built in Appliances

Appliance Reviews

Reviews help with buying decisions There’s never been so many different appliances to buy. Why do we need so many brands? Most of them are nothing special and extremely similar to their competition.

In fact much of the so-called competition is often just other brands made by the same big manufacturer – all made to virtually the same standards – even sharing many parts – Who Really Makes Your Appliance?. So if you were unhappy with your last appliance make sure you don’t inadvertently buy from same manufacturer.

Repairmen know appliances best

washing-machines-for-sale Instinctively, we tend to trust what our repairman thinks about an appliance. Most people tend to trust their judgement over that of a salesperson in a store. After all, who knows more about them? Only the makers I would say, but they are biased.

Latest Reviews

For the very latest washing machine and appliance reviews try Which? Choose your Which? trial offer. To read some of my reviews check out the following links.

Other Reviews

Latest Reviews

For the very latest washing machine and appliance reviews try Which? Why subscribe to Which?. See all the Best Buy recommendations and especially the Don’t Buy! ones


If you’re looking for information and advice specifically about buying a new washing machine I have a dedicated section here – buying washing machines page.


Buying advice specific to refrigeration appliances can be found on this page – Buying a fridge or freezer

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