Freezer Drawer Broken

Broken Freezer Drawer

The plastic drawers inside a freezer or fridge freezer often break. It doesn’t help that they are made of fairly thin plastic, which is extra brittle due to the extreme cold temperatures. However, there’s no reason for them to break at all if you know how to look after them..

This article shows how to buy replacements, how to avoid them breaking in the first place and how to free off a jammed drawer.

What causes the Drawers to Break?

Plastic is always more likely to break if it’s very cold, but the main cause of them breaking is the user forcing them open or closed when they are jamming because of excessive ice surrounding them.

Overfilling the drawers with food also makes them much more likely to break.

How to Prevent Breakage

If you want to prevent drawers from cracking and breaking do not overload them and do not let the freezer compartment ice up. If it needs to be manually defrosted do it regularly. If it’s frost free make sure you don’t leave the door open for too long whilst loading or unloading it.

What if Drawer is Stuck?

If a drawer is stuck – do not force it or it will likely break. You need to get rid of the ice that’s stopping the drawer from opening. However, you don’t want to defrost any of the food still inside, so here are a few tips to try.

You could try carefully defrosting it by taking out the food in the drawer below and placing a bowl of hot water inside it. It may only take a short while for the ice to free off enough to get the drawer above out. Or if you are very careful try some gentle heat from a hairdryer on low setting.

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You need to balance the need to defrost the ice that’s stopping the drawer from opening with the need to not defrost any of the food inside.

So don’t try for too long. As soon as you have freed off the drawer you should remove all the frozen food to a freezer bag and properly defrost the entire freezer. Otherwise it won’t be too long before the ice builds up around the drawers again.

Don’t Let Freezer Ice Up

Apart from putting too much physical strain on a drawer, overfilling them blocks vital airflow. Modern freezers normally circulate cold air throughout the freezer compartment via a circulation fan. The air needs to pass over the gap between every drawer and it can’t if food is piled high inside one. Plus any food sticking above the top of the drawer is more likely to get snagged on ice. (Buy replacement freezer drawer at Ransom Spares).

If the freezer keeps icing up when it shouldn’t there may be a fault that needs fixing.

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