American-style fridge freezers delivery warnings

American-style fridge freezers are popular due to their storage capacity. But they are very large appliances to have delivered to our homes. This article highlights potential delivery problems that you may be unaware of, or which may not have crossed your mind. Read before buying one ..

.. I recently came across this important small print in the terms and conditions of some online appliance retailers –

American style fridge freezers will be delivered only to your door.   ”

All large fridge freezers are doorstep or garage delivery only   ”

Neither of the quotes above came from major household name retailers, but each retailer or website will have their own way of dealing with these appliances so you need to always check. One of these warnings was only in the terms and conditions so could easily be missed.

Needless to say it is highly inconvenient, and would require the customer to have a plan in place to get the appliance from their front door to where they need it.

Make no mistake, some of these appliances are extremely large and very heavy.

So much so that clearly some professional delivery people are refusing to attempt to get them inside. Now in many cases, delivering the appliance directly to a kitchen shouldn’t be much of a problem. But depending on the house, and the layout, it may be extremely difficult. It may at least be difficult to do so and guarantee not to damage anything along the way.

This is quite a big cop-out, but there it is, and it’s in their terms and conditions. It seems to be a catchall. Instead of saying that depending on what they find they might be unable to deliver it directly to your kitchen they are outright refusing to do anything other than drop it off at your door.

I’m not sure how widespread this is, presumably not, but anyone ordering from this company might find themselves in a serious predicament if they did not know this before. I would think it is unlikely that any customer ordering would not be contacted to warn them, but if this is unacceptable to you it’s best to find out before you order. It makes sense to order from a company that will deliver an American-style fridge freezer to where you want it.

Returning an American-style fridge freezer under the distance selling act

I also noticed some terms and conditions regarding returning an unwanted American-style fridge freezer. As with most products these days we have up to 14 days to return something that we purchased online, through mail order, or over the phone. This is designed to protect us from being misled by photographs and not being able to properly inspect something before we buy. By law, any retailer selling appliances must comply with these regulations. However, although we should get a refund of the delivery costs we are usually responsible for the costs in returning them. I’ve seen charges of £99 quoted in terms and conditions for collecting American-style fridge freezers.

So don’t order such an appliance without looking into it properly unless you are happy to pay a lot of money to return it. If you have specific requirements – don’t wait until it’s delivered – try to go and see one in a store.

Retailers must charge a reasonable price for picking up appliances under the distance selling regulations. In other words they shouldn’t be able to make a profit out of any return charges. However, bearing mind how big and heavy they are, and the fact that they need two people, it’s not hard to see how it would cost a lot of money. More information Online shopping regulations – returning appliances

So always read the terms and conditions

Read small print This advice goes for anything. But is particularly pertinent if buying such a large appliance. Have a look at terms and conditions to see if they have specific terms for dealing with American-style fridge freezers such as how they deliver. If your house has steps of any kind to negotiate it is possible they may refuse to climb them with such a large appliance – some might even refuse to deliver a normal appliance over steps. Even if you don’t have any steps, make sure their terms and conditions don’t say anything that might be an issue for you when they get to your door.

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4 thoughts on “American-style fridge freezers delivery warnings”

  1. I used to work for a dodgy courier company delivering white goods. Back then, the electrical goods distributor the firm sub-contracted for insisted that all goods were delivered into the room of the customer’s choice- with the proviso that the item had to arrive in that room with all of it’s outer packaging.

    Imagine my delight at arriving at a customer’s cottage in (say) rural Devon, typically down a country lane barely wide enough for a Sprinter Luton van, followed by a farm track, to find a cottage mid- refurbishment. only to find that the customer hasn’t even allowed for the dimensions of the unpacked appliance through doorways, let alone for one fully packaged…

    So, back into the van, followed by a very long blind reverse up said lane, without the benefit of mirrors, as they had to be folded in…

  2. Yes we had a American fridge freezer in our kitchen now struggling get one delivered as I live in fist floor.
    Thinking of hiring a removal company, but sure how is this going to work. Pls let us know if there is any solution.

    1. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

      You could consider a seperate fridge and freezer from the same manufacturer to stand side by side if they’d fit. Might not be any more expensive.

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