Samsung RS21 and RS60 fridge freezers safety notice

Fire RiskSamsung have had to organise a “home-visit & repair programme” to deal with a potential fire risk in their RS21 and RS60 range fridge freezers. Their own announcement on their web site said that “in very rare cases, there is the potential for internal sparking to occur and in consequence, damage to the appliance.”

However, some press articles used more dramatic phrases (Which have since been removed from their web sites)

Latest update

As of March 2014 Samsung have extended this safety notice to include ALL RS21 and RS60 fridge freezers no matter when it was made. Initially it was only for models made within a certain date range, this was extended to include more models later and now Which? are reporting it’s all of these models regardless of purchase date plus the models listed below. You may also want to try this telephone number 0800 988 0123

Samsung fridge freezer

These are the models either affected directly, or as Samsung say, use a similar defrost system so should also be checked –

  • RS21
  • RS60
  • RSE8
  • RSH1
  • RSJ1
  • SN62

If you have a Samsung fridge freezer

To be sure if your model is affected you should check the model number (where is the model or serial number on a fridge or freezer?). According to Which? the Electrical safety council have advised anyone with one of these model which hasn’t been modified by Samsung should stop using it immediately and contact Samsung.

Unfortunately all my links to help on the Samsung site have had to be removed. This is because it seems all manufacturers take these pages down as soon as they think they can get away with it. This is understandable to a point but it’s disgraceful.

Only today (Feb 2017) I’ve had an email from a consumer who has one of these affected fridge freezers. She was shocked to find this page whilst researching a different fault – especially as she registered the appliance with Samsung.

This shows that many people can slip through the net and continue to use a dangerous appliance. Manufacturers should be obliged by law to leave (and not move) notices about potentially dangerous appliances for at least 10 years.

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65 thoughts on “Samsung RS21 and RS60 fridge freezers safety notice”

  1. Thanks for the update smythe and I hope it proves acceptable for you. If not, remember you still have the option to pursue the retailer under the sale of goods act. Please keep us informed. Experience like yours is valuable to us all.

    1. HI,i might be sucker for punisment but if samsung send me a money off voucher ,to used against there products only how are there new range of american fridge/freezers ??? i still like the styling would i be out my mind to have one of there cuurent modals and do they still suffer from the same problems.

      many thanks


  2. Christian Daniels

    Hi folks,

    Try this number 01932 454358. I called here It’s Samsungs landline. They answered it straight away. I gave them my model num RS21NCSV and they said an engineer will call within 24 hours to arrnage to fix. Same thing is happening to my fridge. The fan is catching on a build up of ice and once the ice builds up so far, it stops the fridge from chilliing. easy to fix by taking the parts off the back of the fridge and defrosting with hairdryer but a pain in the ass.

    They said the fix was free of charge and with an 8 isg yr old fridge I’m happy with that. Just hoping the call out is not just to fix the fire issue. And if he even thinks of making a hole in the back of my fridge I’ll sue him for criminal damage.

  3. Maybe they’ve accepted that the problem of ice building up around the fan is a design issue but it is a separate issue to this particular safety notice and not related to the fire risk as far as I’m aware.

    1. They are coming out to it today. Sending subcontractors. The lady on the phone said that mine was a product recall visit. They bring 6 parts as part of the recall (fire issue). The parts also include replacement fan cover and other bits which should stop the ice build up. So I suppose it’s wait and see.

      1. The fan icing up is a long known issue but not related to the fire risk. The chances are yours is a model with this fire risk and needs modifying but there are no symptoms regarding the fire risk. Either that or your model has now been included as they appear to have extended the models they want/need to modify –

        “As a precautionary measure, Samsung will also include the following fridge freezers with a similar deforost system as part of the programme. The following extended models include RS21 and RS60 (outside the above dates of manufacture) SN62, RSE8, RSH1 and RSJ1”

        1. Yes you’re right. The guy has been, nice bloke too. The reason why they turned up was to fix the products recall issue (fire hazzard) as they hadn’t been out previously. Samsung also have a policy now to fix the fan freezing up issue in the same visit for free. So all was a nice bonus. Thanks.

  4. well got the letter today and my stainless steel RSH1DBRS less that 4 yrs old = £320 compensation !!. i don`t know how to take it,i mean should i be glad i can move on or refuse and chase the retailer and let this go on for months i would`nt say i was happy or sad,but do feel £320 is not enough would rather get no money and replacement.

  5. I have a RSH1DTMH and this week the fridge fan stopped circulating air so the bottom is freezing and the top warm. I called Samsung 10 mins agi as it 2 months out of warranty (2 years, 2 months old) and they are sending someone to look at it for free. Will Update when they diagnose / fix!

  6. We bought a Samsung RSH1FRBS side by side unit exactly three years ago. Basically the same as all other RSH1 units but has the ‘bar door’ in the fridge door. Makes it easy to just get out the milk or orange juice.
    Cooling stopped working in the fridge overnight, called SAmsung, man here in 1 hour, removed and replaced defunct sensor, unit, back up and working in 2 hours from callto Samsung, can’t be bad.
    Apparently although out of warranty, Samsung have extended this to 5 years for about 6 parts that have been known to fail. Fixed free of charge. Good service from the call centre, and the engineer who called knew exactly what he was doing.
    No complaints.
    Apart from that one fault it works as decribed on the box, really nice unit. Bought from Boots on line so we even got umpteen extra Boots points.

  7. had my RS21 repaired due to same probs as everyone else 2 years ago by samsung, now its happening again, sounds like the bloody fridge is going to explode !!! my side by side is now approx 6 years old and im wondering what my chances of them fixing their design fault again? No chance im footing the bill…where do i stand on this

  8. Hi looking for help. Can down the stairs to find RS21 fridge freezer not working. Tryed the fuse in the plug (blown) replaced the fuse and when switched on it made anoise for about 2 seconds and blew the fuse in the plug again. Can anyone help ???? Thanks

  9. Stuart, I would use the telephone number in my article to see if yours is affected. If it is they need to come and look at it. Your fault may or may not be related. If it isn’t affected by this safety notice then it’s a question of getting someone to look at it anyway.

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