Consumer Rights Appliances

Consumer Rights Appliances

Consumer-advice In the UK, our consumer rights are defined by the Consumer Rights Act 2015, which replaced the old sale of goods act and added a few extra rights. Generally speaking, our consumer rights are the same no matter what product we have bought, or what service we have paid for. However, this section covers many specific issues and problems associated with buying white goods appliances, or having them repaired.

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Consumer rights on repairs

Repairs Category Consumer rights covering appliance repairs come under the buying services rights section of the Sale of Goods Act. The main rules are that repair work should be carried out with “reasonable care and skill, finished within a reasonable time and (if chargeable) at the cost agreed beforehand, or at a reasonable cost if you were unaware of a cost before”.

Unfortunately, the definition of reasonable is flexible to say the least. So conflict arises when the consumer, and retailer or engineer disagree.

Will Right to Repair Help?

Right to Repair – will it make a difference?

Do Retailers Lie?

Consumer rights Have you ever been fobbed off with the phrase, “sorry, it’s out of guarantee there’s nothing we can do”? Here are examples that prove this response is not always true.

Should You Register the Guarantee?

Register-guarantee You don’t have to register your appliance purchase or send in the guarantee card, but it makes sense to do so. Here is why Should you register the guarantee?

Manufacturer or Retailer?

who is responsible? Why can’t I complain to the manufacturer? They made it. aren’t they ultimately responsible? Is manufacturer or retailer responsible for faulty appliances?

Signing a delivery note

Consumer rights Delivery companies like us to sign that we’ve received goods in good condition. It’s often impractical to check them properly – If I sign a delivery note and appliance turns out damaged can I still complain?

Appliance is Faulty

Consumer-advice If an appliance is faulty, not of satisfactory quality, or has an inherent fault, the Consumer Rights Act 2015 puts responsibility onto the retailer – even though it’s the manufacturer’s fault. This works OK if problems arise within the first month, but many claims against a retailer are when the appliance is out of guarantee.

Sometimes several years after it was purchased. By this time manufactures tend to wash their hands of it. They are not responsible (under consumer law).

They often refuse to help the retailer or consumer and just say, “sorry it’s now out of guarantee”. All of my knowledge of, and experience with, retailers strongly indicates that they feel this is unfair on them.

So they make it as hard as possible for us the consumer. We may have rights, but big retailers have nothing to lose by fobbing us off, and they routinely do so. Read my consumer related articles for unbiased and open minded advice. (is the sale of goods act too hard on retailers?)

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