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Review The Indesit Moon washing machine advert had a catchy tag line, “Future Friendly”, and a catchy music track by New Order. I’m sceptical about the use of the phrase future friendly though.

The phrase implies it will either last a very long time, or that a product is so technically advanced it is unlikely to be superseded by anything better in the near future.

If they have genuinely pulled this off it would be an amazing achievement for one of the cheapest brands in the UK.

The TV advert was very slick showing lots of robots mingling with people in everyday life apparently integrated into society. The accompanying overlaid text says, One day – Man and machine – Will live together – In perfect harmony. Then as a woman loads her new Indesit washing machine with laundry it continues, That day – Has dawned. As she closes the door the voice over says, Indesit Moon: Future friendly.

The advert is brilliant (I’m not being sarcastic). It has great music, great visuals, and a great overall concept. I was just disappointed to see it was only advertising a washing machine – and one of the cheapest washing machines in the business.

£299 for a 6 kg washing machine with a 1400 rpm spin is cheap, and these days many cheap washing machines are notoriously not worth repairing (and get scrapped way too soon) if they break down out of guarantee unless it is a minor fault.

It would be great if the spare parts for this washing machine are going to be priced lower than previous Indesit spare parts, and at levels that make it economic to repair in the future.

So far this is not the case with many cheap washing machines and to me, something can’t be truly future friendly if it isn’t worth repairing after 3 or 4 years just because the PCB has failed. I do like the look of this washing machine. I also like the simple solitary control button offering just 4 wash programmes.

Many customers have often told me they want simple controls and fewer programmes – not more. It will appeal to customers buying at the budget end who see extremely simple controls as a priority but they won’t have to mind if this involves compromises elsewhere.

The Moon’s looks

The innovative soap dispenser behind the door looks interesting too although it’s too early to judge if this is a genuinely good idea or not yet (it wasn’t – see update below). The advantage is that, “because water is constantly splashing inside this dispenser as the drum rotates it should be kept very clean”.

However, one disadvantage is that it replaces the customary door glass – so you can no longer see the laundry laundry inside.

Although the novelty of watching laundry go round and round in a washing machine has long since worn off – it is still useful to be able to see the laundry as the drum revolves.

You can occasionally notice something that shouldn’t be there (such as a coin or credit card) and stop the wash to attempt to retrieve it before any damage occurs.

At the end of the day this is a great advert bigging up a normally quite basic brand who’s priority is to make washing machines as cheaply as possible and hopefully give some value for money.

It represents Indesit trying to become more sophisticated and more innovative, but it could only be truly “future friendly” if it proves to be much more reliable than other previous models, and if spares are much more reasonably priced to encourage future repairs. Otherwise the future friendly tag is disingenuous.


Which? have since reviewed the Indesit Moon and their opening paragraph says, “we weren’t overly impressed by the Moon”. They say it’s not very good on the 40 degree wash, the one most people use, and say it’s only good for light stains. However, surprisingly they say it is good at rinsing, which is remarkably rare these days and even most of their “best buys” aren’t highly rated for rinsing (Why can’t modern washing machines rinse properly?).

So if you require a cheap washing machine and rinsing is especially important to you because of irritation or allergies you might be interested in one but at the compromise of not being very good on 40 degree washes. It has to be said too that Indesit don’t have a good reliability record either according to my experience and Which? reports.

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Update: April 2011

The Indesit Moon has now been the subject of a BBC Watchdog item due to them receiving so many complaints about it. The focus of the programme’s criticism is that the Indesit Moon is particularly vulnerable to the nasty build up of grease, grime, sludge, bacteria and black mould as described in my Washerhelp article Washing machine smells – causes of grease, slime and black mould inside washing machines.

Which although affecting any washing machine if the conditions I describe are present, the Indesit Moon appears to be uniquely incapable of doing the 90 degree maintenance boil wash manufacturers (including Indesit themselves) recommend.

If you have a Moon model which is covered in mould and grease you should read the article above for tips on how to discourage the problem.

Although the moon cannot do a 90 degree wash you can still try to limit the problem by not using liquid detergents, doing a 60 degree maintenance wash regularly with normal detergent containing bleaching agent etc.

On balance I think it’s fair to say this model should be avoided.

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137 thoughts on “Indesit Moon washing machine”

  1. That’s good news Margaret, thanks for the update. The manufacturer’s can easily sort these issues out, and it is very much in their interests to do so. They often don’t though, which is when you have to resort to the Sale of Goods Act, which puts the responsibility entirely (and somewhat unfairly) on the retailer.

  2. hi i hate this machine my mum has one and it dose not spin god sake need a new one fast not this machine though never agian

  3. We have an indesit moon or I should did have as it has now exploded. I know that sounds ridiculous but I put it on a 60 degree wash and some time later heard a bang from the garage. The top was in pieces and the concrete block from inside was at the other side of the garage. The contents were mangled around a crumpled drum

    This machine is 4-5 years old and I’m only glad my husband or children were not about when it blew

    Any ideas what to do?

  4. john fludgate

    I am sick tothe back teeth of taking washing out of the moon dirtyer then what it went in. its a crap machine, Took the fuse out of the plug in the end and told my husband that it had broke so we could by another machine. machine lasted 9 annoying months in my house, never again to the moon, what a pile of junk if you dont believe me GO AND BUY ONE…..

  5. I have had the moon for 5 years, not problem free but took out 5 year insurance, it has just about been re-built over the past year. I did not renew the insurance as they wanted £200 for a year (you can buy a new washer for that). I have a problem with it again. The 40 wash is taking two and a half hours, and the 60 wash I put on this morning took 4 hours.

  6. I must be the only person happy with this washing machine. I have had it for over 7 years and it’s working fine, I do agree the 60 wash takes a long time. I have never really timed it. But I always thought it was a hour long? I will time it next time. My washing machine did get smelly and dirty grime in it. It took apart the liquid drums at the door and cleaned them. I do give it a bleach clean about every 6 months. Ofcourse empty wash. I don’t bother taking out guarantee for the washing machines because you usually get 1 to 2 year manufacture guarantee. So if your washing machine is faulty then it will stop by then. If not faulty it will carry on for years like mine. The machine before this I had was for 7 years. And I took a guarantee. Out for 5 years. That was a waste of money. I use my machine once a day.

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