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Miele I get lots of feedback from people who’ve read my washing machine reviews, which is great. I received one the other day from Paul who’s given me permission to quote him. After reading my Miele W 3740 washing machine review Paul decided to buy one and these are his thoughts.

Hi Andy. Just to let you know we have the W3740! Bought last Thursday and installed last Friday! And it’s absolutely great. The only criticism I can find is something you just have to get used to: the door won’t open unless the machine is switched on… You just have to get off your butt and empty the machine as soon as it’s finished… But otherwise, it’s a dream! [I mentioned this minor inconvenience in my review]

Operation couldn’t be easier, everything feels sturdy, high quality, very very very quiet (we sometimes can’t tell the difference between the washing machine and the baby) and the
technology that’s hidden behind the ‘traditional’ facade is impressive.

I wouldn’t really call it ‘traditional’ but rather ‘no frills’. I can’t believe I’m getting so excited about a washing machine… Thanks again for your website, it was a great help!

I emailed Paul back and asked if I could use his email as a users review –

Not at all! Do go ahead, he replied. There’s another two strong points in favour of the Miele and other quality brands which you have mentioned, but I would like to emphasise: first of all, the false economy of the cheap option.

Our washer/dryer was somewhere in the region of £350. It died on us after not even four years. The Miele is built to last at least five times as long, but only costs a bit more than double the price of the Hotpoint.

And then there’s the one that most people don’t get: awareness of using this planet’s resources. I won’t get on my high green horse, but… just think of what you’re throwing away with five cheap washing machines, compared to just the one ‘dear’ one. All the best and keep up the good work, Paul.

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6 thoughts on “Miele washing machine user review”

  1. Hi Andy.

    Yep, I read your review on the Miele W3740. Your mind works like mine. I’d been looking for a good machine for three days, this site, that site, lots of spiel…But …. and then I found your site. Look no further – You are spot on, the W3740 is a good machine.

    Your review is vastly superior to the Which Report – which was very poor, and did not say anything really. Their points system needs to be re- considered for quality and reliability and IMHO noise / intrusive vibration issues. The important stuff is fuzszy and hearsay on their reviews.

    We had to have a new machine promptly as a replacement for our Asea Cylindra 11000, a very tough act to follow. The Asea needs a new motor end bearing and brushes. I will fix the Asea, and then it goes to My daughter’s – to replace a 3 year old …H……..a very popular make that is falling apart and sounds like a bag of nails, hops about like a donkey, and the door of her machine is also falling off.

    The Miele may well satisfy our demands for quality, I’m pretty sure of that. Will it satisfy our emotions like the Asea ? I hope so. The two box Asko / Asea system is very engaging, I think the Miele will live up to first impressions – like the Asea, when you turn it on – you hear the water gently sploshing in the drum – not a continous noisy drone as with so many other machines. The pump out motor is also lush and quiet – These are the differences that we have paid for, they are so apparent, and you get what it says in the brochure with these !

    Thanks Andy – your reviews are the best, we are indebted to you.

  2. Many thanks Duncan. I agree that the old Asko Asea washing machines were also incredibly well made and in the same class as Miele. I was an Asko dealer in the 1990s and they were amazing.

    Unfortunately they were taken over by Antonio Merloni in 2000 and have pulled out of the UK. Fortunately Miele are still going strong and still making probably the best washing machines available in the UK.

  3. You know your machines Andy, of that, there is no doubt.

    Our Asea Cylindra 11000 was 1988 so just shy of the 20 year rule. However, I did fit a new motor in July 2001, as the old one had one worn key on the commutator (bad luck). The new one supplied from a well known firm in Clevedon – Huh ! it was a noisier clone, and not in the class of the German Siemens unit failed at 6.5 years. Spares of original quality are paramount for the 20 year rule.

    Just as well that Miele are just 30 miles away in Abingdon – hopefully their motors, If I ever need to change one, will be original quality.

    Good luck with your business, if your customers listen to you, they should be jolly happy.

  4. I’ve had feedback on a different Miele model W 4144

    Hi Andy,

    I’ve had my Miele for almost a month now and although it looks enormous I am just so delighted with it. I like the display where I can see exactly how much time is left and the fact that it really is quiet. I have tried three programmes so far and have washed from cashmere to towels – all the washing comes out smelling washed rather than needing to spend a long time on the line to freshen it.

    I am also impressed with the instruction book that came with the machine which explained that if you are constantly washing stuff at low temperatures then it is a good idea to run a 70 degree cycle without washing to clear out the pipes to prevent sludge gathering. In view of this problem which has plagued me a bit I have also changed from liquid to tablet detergent.

    So to sum it up:
    – I bought the machine because you confirmed my own thoughts
    – I like the 10 year guarantee as this gives me peace of mind
    – I like the huge opening
    – but I love the ‘shh, I really am working’ nature.

    Thanks a lot, once again.


    Related Link: The maintenance wash June mentioned is covered in detail here – Washing machine smells – causes of grease, slime and black mould inside washing machines

  5. We’ve had an Asea washing machine for 25 years. We have four children and lots of dogs … so loads of washing. We have never had a better washing machine than the Asea. It cannot be compared with the cheaper washing machines which broke down with such frequency that it drove me to distraction! A local mechanic has been out to the machine several times in all that time. The Asea has been amazingly reliable and does a superb wash.

    I could not recommend a washing machine more highly.


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