Free 5 Year Parts Guarantees

5 year parts guarantee Some appliances still come with free 5 year parts guarantees. They’ve been around since the 80s and can occasionally prove useful. But unless you need an expensive part, it could cost you more than using an independent engineer, even though they would charge for parts and  labour.

This is how free 5 year parts guarantees work

You have  to use the manufacturer’s engineers, and must pay for the labour involved in fitting the parts. You cannot get any part free otherwise.
The labour charge for fitting a part will usually be at least £90 or more.

If you need a major part replacing, it can work out cheaper to use the parts guarantee.

But if it doesn’t need any new parts, or only minor parts it can work out more expensive. The dilemma is that until an engineer looks at the washing machine, you don’t know if it would be cheaper to use it or pay an independent engineer.

So by the time an engineer tells you what parts are needed it’s too late.

Useful safety net

The 5-year parts guarantee is a useful safety net against serious (but more rare) faults while the washing machine is under 5 years old. So it’s useful to have but you may never actually need it. The schemes are attractive to the manufacturers because the majority of repairs needed under 5 years are relatively minor, and need few if any parts.

Rough guide for who is best to call out if you have a free 5 year parts warranty.

If the washing machine becomes very noisy on spin, and sounds rough when you spin the drum by hand, it could be drum bearings. If so it will be cheaper and better to use the manufacturer.

If the washing machine isn’t draining the water check Washing machine won’t empty water and if you can’t fix it, call an independent repairer – Search for appliance repair company

If a washing machine is dead, wont fill with water, door wont open, leaking, or just seems like something relatively minor, it ought to be cheaper to use an independent company. (NOTE: No one can know for sure until an engineer looks at the washing machine)

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4 thoughts on “Free 5 Year Parts Guarantees”

  1. The 5 year parts guarantee will not cover accidental damage. We think the issue with our machine is the bearings. An independent engineer advised us that the bearings and possibly the belt have gone because of overloading. We continued to use the washing machine despite the loud rumbling noise coming from it. Might the manufacturer consider this to be “accidental damage” or misuse and refuse to fix the machine even though we will have paid £95?

  2. Drum bearings normally fail when the seal protecting them from water leaks and allows water into the bearings. They don’t fail because of overloading. If there are any brown rust marks on the floor under the washer, in the base of the machine or down the back of the tub this would prove water has got into the bearings.

  3. Just to say, this is really helpful information, and came up pretty high in my search of what parts guarantees were and whether they were any good. thank you so much for making it publicly available!

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