Appliance Safety

Appliance Safety

About this Page Sadly, our essential white goods appliances can be dangerous. Most aren’t of course, and many are only dangerous if we don’t use them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Or if we don’t look after them properly.

Use this section to learn about dangers you can avoid and risks that you never even knew about. For example, did you know you that you shouldn’t use fabric softener on children’s clothes?

Latest appliance safety issues

NEW: 3 new Hotpoint washing machine models have been added to the list of fire-risk washing machines due to an overheating door lock – WMAQC641PUK, WMAQG741PUK, and WMFG741GUK

Don’t miss safety notices

Please note that any new safety notices about an appliance you might be using are posted on my Facebook page immediately. It may be a while before an article appears. So follow Whitegoodshelp on Facebook to keep up to date.

Featured Appliance Safety Warnings

250 Fridges & Freezers to AVOID

Dont Buy Fridges and Freezers

Warning: Do not buy a new fridge or freezer with a flammable plastic back. Which? have provided a list of the ones that failed their tests. Although relatively rare, fires happen more than you might think. Having a flammable plastic back can be fatal!

See video of plastic back on fire. It’s scary Fridge freezer safety – Which? investigates

Tumble Dryer Fire Risk

Fire Risk Warning

Potentially millions of Hotpoint Creda and Indesit tumble dryers are affected by a fire risk safety notice. Over 100 different models are affected. They were manufactured over an almost 12 year period, so this affects millions of dryers from these brands – Hotpoint Creda & Indesit Tumble Dryer Fire Risk

Washing machine Door glass

Shattered door glass

Over the last 10 years I’ve had over 90 reported incidents including 22 reports of spontaneous washing machine door glass shattering with no warning. Reports have slowed down recently but it remains a genuine concern – exploding washing machine door glass. This subject has in the news.

Detergent danger

Detergent Capsules

Many children (especially under 5s) have been hospitalised, and some have suffered life-threatening injuries from these soft attractive detergent capsules. These detergent capsules are very beautifully designed, and can look very attractive or even edible to children – detergent capsules danger to children

Dishwasher fires

Dishwasher Fires

Although any domestic appliance can catch fire, I have had more people report instances of dishwashers catching fire than any other appliance. This article features quotes and warnings from several people who experienced dishwasher fires first hand.

How dangerous are appliances?

Appliance Fires

Our appliances can be DANGEROUS: Wake up to the dangers and make your home a little safer

Keep Informed & SAFE Safety warnings are posted on social media first.

Safety Advice Specific to Washing Machines

Here is a separate section giving washing machine safety advice, warnings and tips, as well as specific safety notices that have been issued by manufacturers washing machines (Safety section is halfway down the page).

Safety Advice Specific to other appliances

Safety advice, warnings and manufacturer’s safety notices specific to more appliances here –

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