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  1. Hi,

    I am interested in your advice.

    Curry’s delivered a washing machine that leaked the first time I used it. It was a Hoover D8PX and the rubber bung on the hose at the front next to the filter cap was not present. It spilled the entire loads worth of water all over my laundry room and into a cellar area below. There is quite a lot of water damage to the floor, walls and ceiling below the washing machine.

    They have accepted that they sold me faulty goods and the new machine is being delivered today. Are they liable for the damage done to my house?


  2. I would have thought definitely, within reason. If the damage was particularly severe they might question how because the water should have come out within seconds and so you’d expect it would be stopped and the water mopped up. This could still be enough to damage laminate flooring etc. but I suppose it depends how much the claim is for as to whether they think it’s reasonable or not.

    Often companies try to get people to claim on their house insurance, which is out of order really. They have insurance called product liability and they should claim on theirs.

    Let me know how you get on as it might make a useful and interesting article.

  3. Excellent information just what I needed! I bought a new Siemens wash machine & within 8 weeks it emitted the most terrible smell like drains!! On Siemens advice I did several 90* washes only for the smell to come back 3 weeks later! I repeated the process again then the smell returned after 6 wks! In all I’ve lost count of how many 90* washes I’ve done with soda crystals!
    Yesterday I took the clothes out of the machine to find them spotty with black oil marks!!! The machine was purchased in March so machine is not yet 5 mths old!!
    The engineer is coming next Wednesday so I’m without a machine till then. Whatever happens I will ask for a new machine and different make!!

  4. Hi,

    We bought a Hoover washing machine and around 7/8 months later it had to have the heater replaced after it was causing an e03 error. We have had an engineer out twice since then for the same e03 error and are now having to arrange our 4th visit in a month to get this sorted.

    This as you can imagine is massively inconvenient and we have lost more money than the machine is worth in having to take the days off work.

    They are still refusing to replace it without an engineer seeing it again. Which will mean IF he approves it we will then have to take more days off to have the replacement installed.

    We have requested for them to just replace it. No luck.

    Any advice?

    The machine is clearly faulty and nothing the engineers do can seem to stop it doing it again. Which means we have to manually remove wet clothes from the machine and dry them and then go about arranging the engineer again.

  5. Very frustrating. It is normal for a retailer to insist on an engineer diagnosing the fault before authorising any exchange to make absolutely sure what has gone wrong and that it is nothing to do with misuse in any way. It does sound like it may have gone again, though I’ve never heard of a heating element going so often, that’s very unusual indeed. Quite a few error codes have more than one possible cause. All of my Hoover codes give E03 as being a timeout on pump, which could be several things including something stuck in the pump filter. Only their dishwashers give E03 as being related to the heater, maybe they have changed on later machines machines.

    Unfortunately retailers absolutely hate Exchanging appliances unless it is within the first week or so. If the manufacturer doesn’t agree to exchange in the machine the retailer will have to foot the bill and they are understandably extremely reluctant to do this even though they are often obliged to under the sale of goods act.

  6. Bought a washer dryer from John Lewis about 4 years ago and it has already stopped working (not coming on) what are my chances of getting it replaced given that John Lewis are supposed to pride themselves on good customer service and quality products?

  7. After 4 years it’s highly unlikely that anyone would exchange an appliance. Even if they conceded they had liabilities under the sale of goods act they would only be obliged to repair it, or if it was unrepairable they’d be able to knock off the 4 years you’ve had use of the washer in any refund.

    It will depend on exactly what has gone wrong as to whether or not you have a claim under the sale of goods act, which allows for the fact that products can and do break down due to wear – especially ones like washing machines that are very mechanical.

    If something relatively minor has failed it may be judged to be reasonable that such things happen. The sale of goods act gives us up to 6 years (5 in Scotland) to make a claim but it doesn’t say there is a 6 year guarantee (Sale of Goods Act gives us 6 years to claim for faulty appliances?).

    On the other hand, if something really expensive has gone, especially anything that makes it beyond economical repair then depending on how much it cost and how its been used it might be judged to have not lasted a reasonable time.

  8. Hi
    Brought a washing machine from John Lewis 9 months ago, when first used it had a slight pump noise, this slowly got worse to the point of being really noisy, I have a 2 year guarantee from John Lewis and a 5 year one from Panasonic, engineer arrived said it was a noisy pump and ordered another one, a week later new one fitted, after he left I put some washing on and the noise returned, also noticed he had scratch the machine when replacing the rubber seal with screwdriver’s! and I found a screw next to the machine, second engineer came out but the fault could not be repeated, one week later it’s back intermittently called John Lewis and an engineer coming out this week any advice? I have recorded the noise, but John Lewis and Panasonic state they can not open file.

  9. I bought a hotpoint tumble drier in May and it has been recalled because of the possibility of catching fire. I am waiting to hear when they will visit and make safety adjustments. As it is still well in gaurantee can I request a refund as I would rather not keep the machine?

  10. HI

    I had a washing machine delivered on 17/12/15 from and it broke down with an error code on 23/12/15. I immediately rang to report this and the earliest they could get an engineer out to me was 30/12/15. I have patiently waited (up neck in washing over Christmas) and the engineer has arrived to tell me that yes the machine is faulty and has given me an uplift number to get an exchange. The previous day I had rang AO and asked them if I got the uplift number from the engineer on the day how soon could I get a replacement s I had already been waiting all over Christmas, and they advised me I could have it the next day delivery. What a surprise!!!! I’ve just rang with the uplift number and been advised that the earliest they can deliver a new machine is saturday 2/1/16. I therefore insisted but got nowhere and therefore asked for a fun refund by the end of today so that I could go and buy a new machine from somewhere else tomorrow, as I could not wait until saturday. Is it me or am I being unreasonable. Does anyone know my rights in this situation? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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