Hoover Nextra error code 3

I received an enquiry from someone who had a Hoover Nextra, which was stopping mid-cycle. The start light and delay start light were flashing 3 times indicating error code 3. The door would also not open and the door locked light remained illuminated.

Hoover Nextra error code 3 means

The full explanation is – “Pump time-out (3 mins) exceeded”. When a washing machine starts to drain the water away this process is timed and monitored by the software running the wash cycle. All washing machines do this. How much time the wash cycle allows for this process to complete varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, or even from one model to another.

The Hoover Nextra washing machine models apparently allow just three minutes. So if the programme controller hasn’t received a signal that all water has drained out within 3 minutes it assumes that something has gone wrong, and aborts the programme with this error code.

What can you do if you have this error?

The causes are likely to be either that either the water hasn’t emptied fully, or it has – but the system responsible for sending the signal that this has occurred is broken. The former is far more likely, see – Washing machine won’t empty water

If you can establish that the water is pumping out okay but you still have this error then maybe the washing machine isn’t getting the signal from the pressure system. The pressure system is a series of parts that tell the washing machine when there is water inside the drum and when there is not.

By far the most common cause of a fault on the pressure system is a blockage in the pressure chamber. However you cannot rule out faulty connections or even a faulty pressure switch.

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It is not advisable to start replacing parts in the pressure system. The most likely cause of this error is that the pump is not pumping away the water. But if you know that it is (for example you can hear it pumping down the drain), and want to investigate the pressure system, I have some articles about how it works here how a washing machine controls water levels with the pressure system

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