F01 error code on Hotpoint washing machine

F01 error code on most Hotpoint washing machines means “motor triac short”. The advice in the technical manual is to, “check motor and module connections”. This is not the type of error code that is helpful to most people. If you have this error you should book an appliance engineer to look at it.

The triac is an electronic component in the control module (PCB) or other printed circuit board. The suggested action of also checking connections shows that it isn’t necessarily a triac short. Clearly there’s an issue with it, but it could have shorted out or have a connection fault somewhere.

This error is likely to need an appliance engineer and maybe a replacement pcb. A a determined DIYer may decide to check all connections as suggested. Check the motor for continuity and carefully check the connections on the motor connector and where those wires connect to the main PCB. Electrical components shorting out (if that is what’s happened) could have external causes such as low insulation on another component, which also needs diagnosing.

A company called QER may be able to repair the pcb or at least test it if you are prepared to have a go at fixing it yourself. They used to have their own website but the last I heard they have moved on to eBay.

Note that in the comments below, someone has posted that they tracked down their F01 error code to poor connections in the motor plug, so it’s always worth checking connections first.

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14 thoughts on “F01 error code on Hotpoint washing machine”

  1. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Thanks for sharing that Mitchell. It goes to show that you cannot rely hundred percent on reported error codes and their listed causes. There’s always the possibility that error codes are triggered erroneously by an unusual fault or connection.

  2. Another visit with the dreaded F01 error code 18 months later and guess what, another broken cable on the motor connector plug. Is this a common problem? Does the vibration gradually make the cables snap? Reconnected and all fine again. For another 18 months?

    1. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

      Hi Mitchell. It can be, but it shouldn’t be, and isn’t for most people. If designed and made well enough it shouldn’t happen. Once it’s happened though, if you’ve had to connect 2 wires together it’s now even weaker than before.

  3. We had the f01 problem, seemed to only pop on washes, but could do the rinse/spin programme, so when its “washing” it was and issue, but did the reccomended unplug minimum 2 min, and plug it back in, and wait 30 sek before starting a programme. but no help there..

    Just a shame to get a F01 error on a machine that is barely 4 mo old. so i’ll call engineer from hotpoint and claim warranty. just enoying could probably had a fix at it myself but better to not mess with waranty

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