Zanussi washing machine error code E50

Error Code Zanussi washing machines can sometimes display error code E50. As John Lewis washing machines are currently also made by Zanussi some John Lewis models can also display error E50.
There are usually only two error codes beginning with E5 which are E51 and E52, which are “motor power triac short circuited” and “no signal from the motor tachometric generator” respectively.
Unfortunately this is not a “proper” error code and is not listed in error code lists.

It’s part of the motor fault error code group and is apparently displayed to customers, but when an engineer enters a special diagnostic display the “proper” error code will be displayed giving more information. So if you have E50 displayed on a Zanussi or John Lewis washing machine it looks like a problem with the motor.
However, the E51 “motor power triac short circuited” could be a fault on one of the PC boards as triacs are usually on printed circuit boards. This could have blown due to a short circuit somewhere else (like the motor for example) – I would advise that an engineer is required if you can’t see anything obvious with the motor. Find appliance repairs – Book washing machine (or other appliance) repair

Error E52 could be caused by a jammed motor or drum.

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10 thoughts on “Zanussi washing machine error code E50”

  1. Zanussi aquacycle 1400 fle1416w

    If you need to know the error code stored on your appliance, hopefully this will narrow down the fault for you.

    You need to press and hold the start/pause and skip buttons together and switch on whilst holding them. Continue holding till the machine beeps or flashes the display at you. Release the buttons and the leds will begin scrolling.

    Press and release the 2nd button to the right of the on/off switch until you light the 2nd bottom led of the 2nd column.

    If you now look at the column of 8 leds on the far right, some of these should be flashing. Number them with 1 at the top. Which ones are flashing?

    i know that led’s 2, 4 and 7 lit are error code E52 (try the brushes in the motor)


  2. Hi!
    Have had E50 code several times.Just switched off, then used same technique as Steve -got code E51. All leds workingOK. Used dehumidifier (as kitchen tends to have slight condensation), has worked every time for me. Code only occurs when I don’t use machine every day.
    Hope this helps someone to avoid costly repairs!

  3. brilliant – thanks so much not sure about the last bit but pressed all the buttons switched off and tried to run eventually the rinse kicked in and we are back to square one – a hunnerds of muddy tents down and a few still to go a million thanks

  4. Hello!

    I have the error code E50 on my Zanussi and after that I have entered to diagnostic mode to show the full error code. But then it said that everything is fine and no error codes found.

    Do you know something to go on? :)

  5. Ruthie: I don’t have any error codes for (Zanussi/John Lewis) dryers but it could well be the same as for the washing machines, an unused code which needs checking out by an engineer.

  6. HI, thanks for this, it’s quite helpful. Would you please explain how you derived error code e52 from the example you gave.( when led’s 2, 4 and 7 lit are error code E52)

  7. Brilliant advice giving here, I done as recommended and it came up with error code 51… Because my cellar is damp it causes problems with the washing machine… Took the lid off the washing machine and used a hairdryer to warm up the wires… Thank you for the good advice on here saved me another washing machine

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