Hoover Nextra error code 7

Error Code Hoover Nextra error 7 (as with all Nextra error codes) is shown by flashing two lights in a 15 second cycle, usually the start and pause, or start and delay-start LEDs. If you count how many times the lights flash before pausing and repeating the sequence and it amounts to 7 flashes then this page explains the meaning.

Nextra error code 7 means –

“Motor jammed / Drum shaft jammed / Tacho generator fault”

Remember error codes are specific to one make or even one range of washing machines. An error 7 on an AEG for example will mean something different. These three explanations all refer to a specific fault where the washing machine knows it’s supplying power to the motor and that the power is running all the way through the motor and back to the main pcb.

Therefore it knows the motor should be running – but it cannot detect that the motor is actually running.

Motor jammed

The first possible fault could be if the motor is trying to turn but the motor is physically jammed. This is likely to be rare. It’s easily tested by opening the door on the washing machine and spinning the drum by hand.

If it moves normally and freely it’s clearly not jammed and this is not the fault. If it is jammed or very stiff then making sure the machine is disconnected from the mains supply you can just take off the drive belt.

You can then see if it’s the motor or the drum that is jammed. If the motor is jammed it’s likely to need replacing but it’s rare for one to jam.

Drum shaft jammed

This would cause the exact same problem in that the motor is trying to turn but because the drum was jammed it couldn’t. Again, easily tested by turning the drum by hand – if it’s free then it isn’t the fault. If it’s jammed or very stiff, removing the belt will let you determine whether it’s the motor or the drum that’s jammed.

Generator fault

The way a washing machine detects the speed of the motor is via the tacho coil, which is the last potential fault listed. The tacho coil is on the motor under the motor plug cover. It’s at the end opposite to the drive belt with 2 thin wires running from it.

It’s a small coil that surrounds the shaft of the main armature where a small round magnet is attached. As the armature turns, the magnet on the end of the shaft turns inside the coil. It’s then easy for the pcb to count each revolution of the small magnet and work out how many revolutions per minute it is turning.

Tacho magnet off or broken

If the small magnet mentioned in the last paragraph has broken, or come loose and dropped off, then the tacho coil won’t be able to pick up any signal from it and won’t detect that the motor is turning. This can also cause the error 7.

Tacho coil - washing machine motor

It’s a relatively common cause in fact. The pcb knows it’s sending power to the motor and that it hasn’t detected any other fault on the motor – but it can’t detect that it’s running.

In this photo you can see at the top of the motor a typical tacho coil set up.

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41 thoughts on “Hoover Nextra error code 7”

  1. Thanks for this – I have an old (2001?) Zanussi JetStream FJS1425W and it has done us sterling service – today it stopped spinning. Drum was celear to manually rotate, so upended the machine and lightly tapped the sensor back in place – there was no need to undo any screws. Machine now works again, given that it’s Christmas Eve this was a great relief! Thanks all, very much appreciated. Andy

  2. Perfect result, thanks. Error 7, took the motor off, pried the end cover off, the magnet fell out! Why have a plastic screw into a metal thread? Planned obsolescence, methinks. Thanks for guiding me through an easy and swift repair which saves hundreds.

  3. Thank you very much for this article and the link to the German site.

    Our Candy (identical to some Hoover model; It’s a Candy GO 614 TXT) started to spin up extremely fast, until “giving up” with the Error 7.

    Turns out the sensor at the back of the motor popped out.

  4. Richard Hutchinson

    Great article. Thanks for the help as it pinpointed my problem too. The motor sensor was detached so it was spinning way too fast then shutting down. Quick strip of the motor and reattaching of the sensor and Bob’s your uncle. Going to order a new sensor unit and replace for longevity but it’s going again quite happily.

  5. Graham Elliott

    Hi, I have a Hoover Nextra6 washer/Dryer, HNWL7146-80, serial no. 3100136207498010. The drum will not agitate or spin with a normal load. It fills, moves to the right slightly then moves back, moves to the left then moves back but will not rotate, it also drains but will not spin. If I select the exact same programme with no load, it will run the programme correctly, filling, agitating, draining and spinning – eventually up to top speed. I have checked belt, carbon brushes, filter, pipes. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

  6. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Hello Graham. It sounds like you have checked all of the common faults. If a motor turns without any laundry in but not with laundry then the common faults are a slack drive belt or worn carbon brushes. After that there are potential faults inside the motor itself, or even connection faults or faults with the PCB.

  7. Thanks so much for this article! Out Hotpoint washing machine stopped spinning properly, would just spin fast for a second and then power motor down all the way through each cycle. Also wouldn’t complete any cycle, got to 0:01 on clock and kept going like that without stopping. Been at my wits end today trying to work out what’s wrong and turns out it was just the tacho magnet had unscrewed itself. Screwed it back in and now running better than when we got it, saw your article at 11pm, fixed by 11.10pm! Thanks so much!

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