Indesit or Hotpoint washing machine flashing 10 times (error F10)

Error Code Basic UK Indesit washing machines fitted with a rotary control dial can’t indicate error codes directly. They don’t have an electronic display. So they indicate errors by clicking the dial continuously round and flashing the door lock light a set number of times.

If the door light (LED) flashes 10 times it means, “Pressure switch not sensing correctly: Check pressure switch and module”. As Hotpoint and Indesit washing machines are currently owned by the same company they share many things and some of the error codes are the same too as in this example.

The pressure switch is an air activated switch triggered and released through air pressure created by rising water in the pressure chamber bottle. using this method the pcb gets told when sufficient water has entered the machine and when the water has successfully drained away. This error is saying the pcb is not detecting any signal from the pressure switch.

As there are two other error codes for telling the pcb that the pressure switch is stuck either on empty (off) or on full (on) – (error codes 4 and 5 respectively), this particular code implies something has gone wrong with the communication between the switch and the pcb rather than the pressure switch being faulty although I couldn’t rule it out.

If you have this error code it is probably best to get an engineer out to look at it.

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4 thoughts on “Indesit or Hotpoint washing machine flashing 10 times (error F10)”

  1. My integrated indesit dishwasher is showing the f10 error code I thought I had to change the heating element so I ordered one and changed it but it is still showing the f10 code what else could it be and what do I need to do?

  2. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Hello Adam. This article describes F10 error code as being related to the pressure switch. This is not a straightforward error code to fix so unless the advice helps to point someone who already has a decent knowledge to the right place it is better to get an engineer in. I can’t even guarantee that the error code description in this article is applicable to your particular model. Manufacturers can change their meaning as they upgrade the software that they use.

  3. We have now had 3 engineers to “fix” our F10 problem but frankly all 3 have no idea what this fault is or how to cure it. Today the engineer has changed the module and says he has ordered a pressure switch as these are not carried on the van. Admittedly my machine is 12+ years and this is the first failure we have had. I have had the machine insured all these years and must have paid for it over and over.

  4. I bought a Hotpoint washing machine for £500 I only had it just over a year and already it’s faulty by not working and showing the letters f – 10 which I don’t have a clue about or any understanding , it’s such a disappointing. I will never invest my money in Hotpoint appliances again ! It’s a disgrace . A complete let down . Am so upset right now and angry . With the cost of living it’s hard to live as it’s is ! I had to save to pay for this item working long hours in my job it’s not good enough !

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