Washing machine leaking from underneath

Leaking from underneath Most leaking washing machines will have water running out from underneath even if the source is at the back. But if you can see water leaking out of the soap drawer or from the door then check out the articles in those links first.

Otherwise you will need to investigate the source, usually by pulling the machine out. The rest of this article advises on leaks from under the washing machine that either happen intermittently or when the washing machine has finished its cycle. If your leak is happening every time you use the washing machine there are some very useful tips on how to find the leak here – finding leaks otherwise read on.

Leaks when not in use

Sometimes a washing machine can appear to be leaking when it isn’t even in use. Maybe you come down in a morning to see a small pool of water underneath. There are two sources for such a leak. One is the fill hose at the back, which most people leave under pressure because they don’t turn off the tap when finished.

Carefully pull the washer out and see if there is a small drip from anywhere on the hose especially where it screws onto the water valve. Such a leak, unless very fresh will often leave rust marks.

The small rubber seal inside the hose can be replaced as can the hose itself.

The other source for a leak after use is the water pump or even sump hose, which always have a pint or so of water left in them when the washer has finished.

This water can slowly seep out of a leaking pump or sump hose. However, it should also leak out during wash. It’s possible though for one of these parts to have such a small leak that it takes a while it to seep out.

Only leaks sometimes

Alternatively it may well be leaking on wash but you may have also noticed water when the washer isn’t running which has puzzled you. Again, such a leak will usually leave evidence, if the pump looks fine, with no signs of a leak it probably is fine. Advice on intermittent leaks later in this article..

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Intermittent Leaks

Intermittent leaks can be puzzling. Water could be only leaking under certain circumstances or water could be escaping on every wash but not enough to be seen except under certain conditions or during a hot cycle, or with heavy loads inside.

Here are a few possible explanations for an intermittent leak –

Only on certain wash cycles: Some wash cycles may be sufficiently long for water to spread far enough to come underneath the front of the machine. Or may take in more water which then reaches a hole halfway up the door seal for example.

Only with certain loads: Heavy loads bounce around much more on spin which can increase or start off water loss.

Leaks only at the end of the wash cycle (on rinses): Leaking only when water is being pumped out is often a plumbing fault. Make sure water isn’t backing up and cascading over the top of a blocked drain pipe in the plumbing at the back of the machine.

If trying to find an intermittent leak it’s helpful to know if it has specific conditions where it happens such as on certain wash cycles or specific places on a wash, maybe only with certain loads inside such as towels. Then set about recreating those conditions. Always try to fault find with a normal load inside. For extra tips or more leak topics read –

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7 thoughts on “Washing machine leaking from underneath”

  1. my washing machine started leaking yesterday quite badly from underneath the machine. i started to look for the problem and when i checked inside the drum and in the drain cover i found lots of bits of shredded plastic that looks like it has somehow broken off from the machine. i’m not sure what to do about it. i have put on a load and the machine works fine all the way to the spin cycle when the machine seems to get very loud compared to normal and ideas on what this might be and how i can fix the problem?


  2. Shredded plastic could be from the outer drum (a yellow / beige colour) or from the underside of the plastic drum paddles (lifters). If accompanied by a bad leak from underneath from a cracked or holed outer drum it’s probably caused by a coin or other obstruction that’s got into the machine (usually from a pocket) and damaged the drum (tub).

    If something’s got inside you need to get it out but if it’s damaged the outer drum it will need replacing at great expense unless it’s just a crack which could be repaired (long shot)

    How to remove something from washing machine drum | How to repair a cracked plastic outer drum in washing machine

  3. Hi our washing machine has been leaking for a few weeks. The water leak is coming out the bottom after the spin cycle! Originally it was on the left side. we replaced the door/drum seal thinking it was this. This stopped the leak this side, now the leak is under the filter. The filter has been cleaned several times, no apparent block. All hoses have been checked, cleaned and water run though, appears no leaks here! Please any ideas?? I’m fed up getting wet feet!

  4. Hello Emma. Leaks are the type of fault that someone needs to be there to see in order to diagnose. Water can appear in one place but could have run from somewhere else higher up and dripped there so leaks have to be either observed or you need to find a hole in the sump hose or see caked up detergent, rust, leak marks on a part that confirms that is what is leaking. There’s a little bit more advice on leaks on spin here but you you have to see that parts are definitely leaking because you have seen the evidence or a hole etc. Guessing is very hit and miss and although you can guess lucky, more often than not people guess wrong.

  5. My machine is leaking I have cleaned the rubber inside door it seems to be leaking more underneath if j need to change door rubber thankyou

  6. The washer was not running/not being used and no one was home using any water anywhere else in the house – no water was turned on. The washer is located in a laundry room next to the garage. A neighbor called and said she could see water running out under the garage door and down the driveway. Her husband could hear the water pump machinery going on and off behind the garage door (the house has well water.) He turned off the outside water pump to keep water going from the well to the house. When we finally were able to get to the house days later the carpet in the dining room which is next to the laundry was still damp and we could see where water had been on the tiles in the laundry room, in the hallway to the garage, a bathroom off that hallway and in the garage.
    ***What would cause the water from the house to continually run into the washer*** (and then out from underneath the washer onto the floors) ?? Some kind of broken/compromised seal or gasket inside the washer ??

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