Washing machine leaks on spin

Spinning Sometimes a washing machine leaks on spin, but not before. If this is the case, either it’s going into spin with too much water inside, or something may only be leaking under the pressure and tub movement caused by spinning.

If you can see water running out of the soap drawer during spin then it might have gone into spin without pumping the water away properly (partial obstruction or blockage in the pump or pump filter). Either that or if the washing machine is banging about and the drum seems to be spinning much faster than normal it could have lost control of the motor and be going into a spin full of water.

Both of these scenarios can cause water to be forced up into the drawer or out of the steam vent at the back, and/or out through the front of the drawer. If you suspect this check the last section of this article – Washer leaks from drawer

Water coming from underneath front

If water is coming from underneath when it spins then it’s more likely to be caused by something leaking only under pressure. Check the door seal all around inside for slits and small holes, especially higher up, which may only open up and let water out when the washer is bouncing around on spin.

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Other possible causes are hoses inside the machine which have small holes which open up during spin or which leak where they connect to the tub under spin conditions. These type of leaks often leave tell-tale rust or dry detergent marks. After that there could be a crack or small hole high up in the plastic outer tub which only gets exposed to water when it’s forced around the tub during spin.

You are looking for something that is moving and allowing water out when the tub bounces around under load, or something high letting water out when it gets thrashed around the top half of the machine on spin. If you can’t see anything obvious get a washing machine engineer

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