Cleaned pump filter now it leaks

pump filter It’s remarkable how many times someone has contacted me to say that they have cleaned the pump filter on their washing machine and now it is leaking. If it wasn’t leaking before then it should just be something simple to fix.

There is no reason why removing the pump filter to clean it of obstructions and then putting it back in place should cause a leak. This part is designed for customers to remove and refit. It is also difficult to not fit it back correctly. It’s a part that is either back in place correctly or it is obviously not in place properly at all. So if having removed it you are experiencing a leak the chances are it is because of one of 3 things.

  1. You haven’t tightened it up enough
  2. Some grit, hardened limescale, or detergent is breaking the seal
  3. The seal is dislodged, or in rare cases the seal itself is badly worn or damaged

What to do if pump filter is leaking

The first thing to do is take out the pump filter once more. Examine the rubber seal. Make sure it is in good condition. If you can see that this seal is worn it may need replacing (buy new pump seals and filters). You might not be able to buy just the seal, sometimes you have to buy the whole part.

If the seal looks good then make sure that the seal is fitted correctly. If it’s possible to turn it around it might make a better seal if turned around. Thoroughly wash the whole filter and seal and dry it out. Then thoroughly wash and clean the inside of the pump filter housing where the pump filter fits, taking care to ensure there is no grit or dirt anywhere near where the rubber seal fits.

Then carefully refit the filter back in place. If it is one with a screw thread make sure you have tightened it up properly and firmly. There’s no reason why it should leak now.

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Leaking from the emergency drain hose

If it is leaking from an emergency drain hose next to the filter it’s unlikely that the hoses has perished. It’s more likely it’s become detached somehow. However, if that is the case there should be a lot of water coming out. These small hoses usually have a bung in the end, or they push fit onto a stopper. They shouldn’t leak if they are fitted correctly or have the stopper pushed inside.

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12 thoughts on “Cleaned pump filter now it leaks”

  1. Catherine McCargar

    I just want to thank you for this wonderful information. I had tried to check on my pump filter, and caused a leak after replacing the filter. Your instructions gave me confidence to attack the problem leak in an orderly way. I found that the offending particle causing the leak was actually a small piece of glass that had wedged itself into the threads on the machine where the cap would seal, probably as I pulled out the filter initially.
    Thank you, thank you.

  2. My daughter picked up a washing machine second hand. When we tested it we discovered a leak (the filter cap had been broken with pliers). We replaced the filter with a brand new one but now no water will enter the machine. Before we swapped the broken filter with the new there was water supply. What might have happened? We have checked the inlet pipes and connections and all seem good…

    1. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

      Hi. Replacing the pump filter can’t possibly stop water from getting into the washing machine. Did you move the washing machine at all? If so a kinked fill hose could be the cause. Another possibility is if the water supply was turned off it might not be turned back on properly.

      Can you hear any water running into the machine at all?

      1. Mysterious indeed. It has been moved but there are no kinks. The tap is open but no water running in. Just a buzz and a registration of ‘error 3’. Maybe a blockage in the aquasafe thingy?

  3. Thx. Mysterious indeed. No kinks and no water, though it is turned on. Just a buzz. Maybe the aqua thingy on the inlet hose? Could that suddenly get blocked? Thx for feedback anyway.

    1. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

      Hi. A buzz, or loud hum could be the water valve energised but no water in the hose. You need to turn off the tap to the washing machine and then hold the fill hose over a bucket and turn it back on to see if there is a good flow of water running through the hose. That’s the first and most important thing to check.

  4. Problem solved. As you suggested there was a problem with the inlet hose, maybe the aquaflow (?). Fixed with replacement pipe. Really appreciate having someone ‘in the know’ to think aloud with. Thx.

  5. Hi . I have a before wm5102w washing machine. I have cleaned the filter and put it back into place. Know the filter is leaking which it never did before. Can you help please.

    1. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

      Hi Mick. This article is called “cleaned pump filter now it leaks”. It was written to help people who cleaned their pump filter and put it back only to find it now leaks. Everything I could think of to help is in the article.

  6. Thank you so much for posting this. I went through a bunch of videos and articles that didn’t help me out. Turns out there was calcium deposited on the filter gasket. Once I cleaned that off, my washing machine stopped leaking. You saved me hundreds of dollars with this!

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