I want a washing machine with a hot water valve

Hot-tap I still get people asking if I know of any washing machines with a hot water valve. This article gives a few suggestions – but you should read on first to fully understand the issue. It is not as simple as you might think. It could be a complete waste of your time looking for one.

Most washing machines now only have a cold water valve but many people instinctively don’t like this. We all know washing machines wash with hot water, so it seems crazy not to use the hot water we already have in our homes. Heating it all up from cold seems wasteful and unnecessary.

This apparent madness is even more annoying for people who have an environmentally friendly and economic source of hot water such as solar powered.

However, there is a good argument that because modern washing machines use so little water on wash – there is no need for a hot valve. It’s in fact more economical to use cold fill only on 40 ° washes for most (but not all) people as explained here – is a hot & cold fill washing machine more economical?.

What is the science behind cold fill only washing machines?

All this is explained fully in my article Should I buy a cold fill washing machine?

So are there any washing machines with a hot valve?

At the time of writing there are some LG & Statesman models with a hot valve. However, they don’t take in hot water at all unless you use a very hot wash cycle. There is alternatively a British made washing machine with a hot water valve. Ebac’s hot & cold fill washing machine is advertised as using, “Intelligent hot fill technology”.

Some Hotpoint washing machines appear to be hot and cold fill, but they are designed for cold fill because there’s only a cold fill hose supplied and a y-piece adaptor supplies both valves.

I suspect this is a temporary measure, and that subsequent models will just have the cold valve.

So hot and cold fill washing machines are currently very rare. But even if you find one, you need to know that the few I’ve seen rarely even use the hot water valve.

If most of your wash cycles are done at 40 degrees or less it will most likely never use the hot valve at all.


Several people have asked me if you can connect an environmentally friendly and economic hot supply to the cold valve to utilise it. The short answer is no, for more details read Don’t connect the hot water supply to the cold valve on cold fill washing machine

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  1. I’m in a hard water area. If any appliance has to heat up any water it uses, it will have limescale problems and therefore seriously deplete the the lifespan of the machine or cause extra expense and pollution by having to add water softeners. I was lucky to have a hot and cold intake machine that lasted 15 years. It eventually died (no parts available to replace) early this year. I managed to find a machine that has a ceramic coating on the heating element (clearance sale) but I seriously doubt the machine will last as long or that they are still available to buy. I agree with Paul Kirwan we want choice not swayed opinion; that’s like forcing a democratic country to accept the ideology of a dictatorship. Result duel input or rebellion !!!!

  2. Hi, I have been on the website looking at the Miele commercial hot and cold fill washing machines only to find they are still “reduced water intake ” Is it possible to get a commercial one with the old intake of water. I don’t need a commercial but they seem to be the only machines with hot and cold fill. My reason for wanting hot and cold fill is to get a machine that gives more water. but it seems even these are reduced water, wrapped up as ” economical,”

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