Washing machine under guarantee will they charge if coin in machine?

Expensive If your washing machine is under guarantee and it breaks down because a coin got inside will you be charged? Most probably yes. In my experience as an engineer working on washing machines under a manufacturer’s guarantee a substantial percentage of calls are to faults not covered by the guarantee.

The most common by far is obstructions from objects (usually coins) left in pockets. They can block the pump, or these days even punch a hole in the main outer drum (very serious).

Under these circumstances, an engineer is expected to charge the customer. They may even get commission on all money collected as an incentive.

However, in practice, some customers can get away with coins in the pump and other “false” guarantee calls for the following reasons –

If the engineer doesn’t want the hassle and stress of a potential argument with an angry customer (even though the customer is in the wrong). So they might make something up to put on their paperwork which is covered

If there is a goodwill policy of not charging (for first incident only) if the repair isn’t too big. This is much more likely if you bought the washing machine from a local retailer who have also sent out the engineer.

The customer has an extended warranty policy, which does cover “accidental” damage and the fault (coins left in pockets) comes under this cover

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Claim on insurance if a coin has causes serious damage

Tips Are you covered for accidental damage on your house contents insurance? Coins can write off many modern washing machines if they punch through the plastic outer tub. If you took out an extended repair warranty, then you may be covered for accidental damage (check the small print).

If not, and you have household insurance that covers accidental damage you may be able to claim from that policy.

How to remove coin from washing machine

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4 thoughts on “Washing machine under guarantee will they charge if coin in machine?”

  1. Hi, my 6 month old LG washing machine has been been damaged by a coin in the machine, an engineer has came out, we agreed to pay the charge for repair £130 as accidental damage wasn’t covered under the warranty. We are now 4 weeks in and the repair company instructed by LG are struggling to source the part needed. LG have told me that’s as far as they can go. They want to refund the repair charge (no one has been out since the initial engineer told us it was coin damage) which leaves us with a defunct 6 month old washing machine that cost just under £500. Do I accept this or can I push for further action?
    Thanks Lisa

  2. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Hello Lisa. What they are saying makes no sense, surely they can’t be saying that there are no spare parts available for a 6 month old washing machine? If they are that’s ludicrous. Manufacturer’s are obliged to keep spare parts for at least several years. If the washing machine can’t be repaired you may have to seek help from a consumer group under the Consumer Rights Act from the retailer. It’s complicated by the fact it has been damaged by a coin unfortunately, but that shouldn’t detract from the fact that they sold you a washing machine that can’t be repaired. I don’t believe LG cannot supply the spare parts btw.

  3. Sergik Gharapetian (Mr)

    Hello, back in 2019, our house was being renovated, soon to be completed. I purchased a Samsung American fridge and a washing machine with 5 years warranty in April 2019 while an offer by the retailer was still valid. Did not use products until the kitchen and the utility room were ready towards the end of summer.
    All connected and started using the washing machine for a few months after which my wife was noticing little holes on some garments. Unexpectedly, the washing machine seemed to be the cause because she noticed that some items had new little holes after taking them out of the machine, therefore they were being damaged during the washing process.
    She approached the staff at Currys in December 2019 and January 2020 but after receiving some general advice she was told to contact Samsung. After many attempts, she managed to speak to Samsung customer services who reported the service request to their third-party service company, Domex.
    To cut the story short after many hours of attempts to speak to the company we had two visits by the engineers, with the first not, not noticing any problems, but the second one after observations and a few checks, said that the drum seems to be faulty, but he does not have one with him.
    Expecting that the problem could be finally resolved, on our contact with the service company, we were told that such parts are not covered by the warranty and in addition, they claimed that scratches on the drum have also contributed to the damages to the clothes.
    As of now and after 15 months of back and forth communications none of the mentioned companies are willing to help us.

    Apologies for the long comment.
    Thank you.

  4. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Small holes in laundry seems to be quite a common problem these days. The causes are not always blamed on the washing machine. I have a full article on it, with many contributions in the comments from people affected. I would definitely recommend reading all the following articles –

    Biological detergents damaging laundry

    holes in clothes after washing

    Have you got a copy of the extended guarantee that you purchased? This should tell you exactly what is and is not covered.

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