Is the washing machine actually faulty?

Checklist This article was written to accompany my article how to get faulty a washing machine exchanged. One of the important points I make in that article is that before reporting that the washing machine is faulty you should check my list of 9 common user and installation faults. This page contains that list..

..Retailers and manufacturers know that it is very rare for a brand-new washing machine to have a fault right from the off. They know from experience that it is much more likely to be a fault caused by incorrect installation and connection to the plumbing, or failure to use the appliance according to manufacturers instructions.

It’s no surprise then that they will almost always insist on sending an engineer to look at it before considering a replacement or refund. Before complaining about a faulty washing machine it might be wise to check the following list – just in case. You could be charged if it turns out to be one of the problems listed here.

Common faults on a brand new washing machine just delivered

Here are examples of “faults” I have personally found when customers have demanded a replacement washing machine after I delivered a new one. The following faults are caused by incorrect installation, or user error, and could all easily be mistaken for a faulty new washing machine.

1: Washing machine moving about and shaking excessively on spin due to the transit packing not being removed (installation fault – although if the washer was installed by the company you bought it from they should have removed this!)

2: Washing machine leaking, which turns out to be caused by leaks from the fill hoses or plumbing at the back (installation fault)

3: Washing machine not emptying water (due to blockage in pump or pump filter) or being connected to new plumbing where the blanking cap hasn’t been removed washing machine won’t drain after being moved or connected to new plumbing

4: Washing machine is stuck on rinses or giving an error code because it can’t take in any cold water caused by faulty cold water tap, a kinked fill hose, or the cold tap being turned off.

5: Washing machine is stuck on the wash cycle and seems to be filling all the time, or stuck in a cycle of filling, washing, then topping up with water. This can be caused by faulty installation of the drain hose (caused by drain pipe being too low causing siphoning washing machine siphoning

6: Not using the washing machine according to manufacturer’s instructions (customer didn’t read instruction book)

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7: Leaking from the soap dispenser due the use of a detergent tablet designed to go in the drum not the dispenser (causing blockage).

8: Banging on spin, or not spinning at all due to an out of balance load out of balance detection on modern washing machines preventing spinning of small loads

9: Flooded kitchen because coins left inside pockets have been punched through the plastic outer tub by the spinning inner drum causing washing machine to need extensive major repairs

Some of the above faults may still need an engineer but won’t be covered by the guarantee. Some could be sorted out without needing an engineer.


The purpose of this article is to encourage you to just double check before calling an engineer out to a brand-new appliance. Don’t panic, just make sure you have checked that the fault you are experiencing is not related to anything in this article. If you manage to find something in this article that is relevant you may be able to fix it yourself, and get the washing machine up and running without having to wait for an engineer. If having checked this list you are sure that there is definitely a fault on the washing machine then refer to my main article here for consumer advice How to get faulty washing machine exchanged

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