Washing machine jumps and bangs on spin

Jumps and bangs on spin The most common cause of when a washing machine jumps and bangs on spin is an uneven load. Occasional jumping around may not be anything to worry about if it isn’t banging too much. However, regular or severe banging on the sides should be a cause for concern.

This can cause expensive damage to your washing machine if ignored. A general rocking around of a washing machine on spin may just be caused by an uneven floor, or an un-level washing machine. If the washing machine moves slightly out of position it could just be because it is on a tiled or otherwise shiny floor and the rubber feet just slide around too easily.

When does it bang?

If the washing machine is banging around quite a lot the first thing to do is to observe when the banging occurs. If it’s at random parts of the wash cycle when it’s supposed to be just washing that’s bad news. It may have an intermittent fault that causes the motor to surge into a spin at random. This fault needs an engineer to diagnose.

Does it bang as soon as the motor begins turning?

If it jumps around and bangs as soon as the motor starts then the washing machine may have lost control of the motor. Some faults can cause the motor to only spin, and to lose all the slow wash rotation speeds. That could be something to do with the tacho coil and/or magnet in the motor. Check this article to see what a tacho coil is.

However, if it only bangs during a proper spin, especially when it just starts up or is dying down from spin, then the chances are it’s related to the load inside.

New washing machine?

If a newly installed washing machine is jumping and banging on spin, make sure the transit packaging has been removed. Transit packaging holds the suspension solid.

If the tub can’t bounce up and down then the movement created on spin is translated to side to side movement. The washing machine will move about and shake.

See the instruction manual for instructions on how to remove the transit packaging.

Don't overload drum

Are you loading the drum properly?

Don’t cram the drum full of laundry. Overloading is not good, but surprisingly, under-loading is more likely to cause out of balance loads. Likewise badly mixed items of laundry can cause an unbalanced drum.

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Before a proper spin, the drum should revolve slowly for a couple of minutes. If a load is out of balance you can often observe the inner drum lurching from side to side.

You might even see it gently thumping the sides of the casing a few times whilst it’s trying to distribute the load prior to fast spin.

At this stage you may see large flashes of metal drum on each revolution. This would be where laundry has settled around the drum but there wasn’t enough to cover all of it.

If this happens the drum will be out of balance. It may refuse to spin, or if allowed to spin the drum could thump around and hit the sides of the casing. See the best way to load a washing machine drum

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Loading washing machine correctly but still bangs & jumps

This is unfortunately a difficult fault to diagnose. It could be various things including a faulty connection somewhere on the motor or pcb, especially if intermittent. It can be caused by a part overheating, cutting out and then cutting back in causing loss of control. Or it could even be something like a faulty shock absorber.

If this fault isn’t caused by the loading you really need to get an experienced engineer to look at it. Find a washing machine repairer on Whitegoodshelp

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45 thoughts on “Washing machine jumps and bangs on spin”

  1. Hello Andrea. When the drum hits the side of the washing machine it is usually caused by out of balance loads as described in my article. If it is doing it on most washes, and it only started after the machine had been repaired then I understand why you think something might’ve gone wrong. It is unlikely that a repair man could do any damage to the suspension but it is possible for one of the small springs holding the drum central to have broken or come away. This could be spotted by removing the lid. The outer drum is suspended on suspension legs but there should be some springs clipped to the top of the tub and secured to the casing that hold the main outer drum in the centre and keep it away from the sides. On some washing machines there could be as many as four large springs holding the drum in place but on other washing machines they can be held in place with just two relatively cheap and thin springs which can come away or break. So just unplug the machine from the mains, and take the lid off to make sure the main drum is not leaning either to the front, back or to either side and that the springs are holding it in place.

    The other thing to consider is to make sure the washing machine is level, and not rocking back or forward. If it is none of the above and you are sure it is nothing to do with any of the causes mentioned in my article you should get the engineer back.

  2. My washing machine is fine although sometimes during the spin cycle, slow or fast the insides of the machine bang side to side which is causing the motor on top of the outer drum to hit the side of the machine causing a horrendous noise. The bearings are new and this prob;em happened with the old bearings as well. I have checked the suspension, when I push the inside of the machine down (outer drum), it pops back up immediately, is this a good thing? The only explanation i can think of is the suspension is going.

  3. Hi there,
    Been reading all the questions and comments about washing machines going crazy on a spin,
    I have tried doing what has been advised but my washer is still moving vigorously when it is spinning.
    It is new and got it yesterday,
    I did look underneath and there was polystyrene inside but after hoping it would correct its self, it still hasn’t.
    I have tried balancing it with the legs and took them off but still no luck.
    Would you say I need to get it replaced??
    It’s a 7k front load

  4. Hello Rachael. Have you read the last section of my article headed, “If a brand new washing machine is jumping around on spin”? If it still has transit packaging inside it will move about badly on spin.

  5. Hi

    We recently had our 2 year old Beko go violently out of control on a spin cycle. I was forced to kill the power to it after hearing the sound of broken glass. When the spin slowed and gravity took over the whole glass door completely shattered. It was a modest load of baby clothes, underwear and pyjamas.

    I have since teplaced with a brand new Bosch machine only to encounter the same violent and noisy spin on the first load.

    Could something external be responsible for the issue like a fault in the power socket used to supply the machine?

    Or is it more likely an issue with load balancing or levelling? It worries me that the built in safeguards you mention in modern machines seem to be absent here in both models.

    Many thanks

  6. Hello Steve. If 2 different machines have similar problems the main suspect would have to be the loading. Loading is also the main cause of out of balance spins. There are faults that can develop which can cause a washing machine to go out of control but these aren’t to common and for 2 consecutive machines to do the same that’s some coincidence. I can’t think of any faults in sockets that could cause any issues.

    As you mention, modern washing machines have built-in out of balance protection so they are not supposed to allow any violent loads. It might be possible that a load could jump about for a few seconds before cutting out but none should allow a lengthy out of balance spin anymore. Some of the cheaper models, and beko are one of the cheapest, may not have the most sophisticated out of balance systems.

    Levelling of the washing machine is important to prevent them moving and rattling about during spin but this is very different to an out of balance load. Unless the washing machine was ridiculously unlevel and unlevel washing machine just physically moves around and makes noise. This is very different to an unbalanced load, which is where the inner drum bangs constantly against the main casing. The only thing I can suggest is to make sure you are not under loading, especially if you have a large drum capacity. New washing machine is commonly have quite big drums these days and most people struggle to fill them. If you only have half load they can get out of balance. So contrary to instinctive assumptions putting too much in is not the main cause of out of balance loads, it’s not having enough, which is getting more common as drum capacities increase.

    Research claims that the average wash load is only about 4 kg but many people are buying 7 and even 8 kg drums which they just never fill.

  7. Hi, we own a fairly new washer and have had no problems with it up until yesterday. I had one blanket in the machine which I’ve washed by itself plenty of times before and once it got to the spin cycle it started banging violently. It would pause then when it would go back to spin the banging would continue. We stopped the cycle. Let it rest then set it back to drain and spin and the banging still continued. The lid locks during motion so I can’t see what’s going on inside while it’s on but everything looks leveled on the inside. I took the blanket out and just air dried but now I’m too nervous to use my washer again. Any help?

  8. Hello Jacklyn, a single blanket is a very bad load and likely to get out of balance, it sounds like that’s what happened. There’s a decent chance no harm was done, but try it again with a normal load in and keep a close eye on it. It may be that the washing machine managed it ok in the past but a single heavy item is very difficult for it to balance equally around the drum so every so often this could happen again. Ideally you need to wash more items together.

  9. Hi,
    I’ve got a beko 5kg load washing machine, it’s only about 3 months old. It’s been absolutely fine up until this morning.
    I put a load of washing in and when it goes around slowly to balance the drum it started banging and the drum was swaying violently as it turned. I naturally thought my sons jacket that was also in the load was a little heavy. As soon as it emptied it settled down and carried on as normal until the end of the cycle.
    I put a second load in which had a large bath towel and a couple of t shirts but it did the same thing again. I’m always careful not to overload the machine when I use it. I usually use the quick wash setting but I’ve put a load of the longer wash to see if there’s any difference. Any ideas if there could be a fault or if I’m loading the machine wrong?

  10. We have a Zanussi ZWG710P that “bangs” when in use. I took the lid off and found that part of the concrete balance weight had broken off.
    I presume this is the cause of the problem but cannot find where to buy a spare.


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