Hoover Error 8

Error Code I have a few references to the Hoover error 8, they are listed for the Hoover Vision HD series washing machines, Hoover 3 phase autowashers and the Hoover Nextra and Optima models.

References vary slightly but all point to a motor fault – possibly the tacho coil – However, also check for worn carbon brushes which have been reported by people in the comments section below to have fixed this fault. (See help for diagnosing worn brushes on any washing machine).

  • Hoover Vision: Error 8 = Tacho fault
  • Nextra: Error 8 = Motor jammed / Drum shaft jammed or tacho generator fault (This is the same description as for Nextra Error 7)
  • Hoover 3 phase autowashers: Error 8 = Tacho generator out of circuit. Can be wiring or board
  • Optima: E08 = Tacho fault

What is the tacho coil?

The tacho coil is on the motor and is fitted at the opposite end of the drive belt where the carbon brushes are. This error says something is wrong regarding the tacho coil but it doesn’t specify exactly what. Possibilities are varied so unless you know what you are doing, and unless you can see something obvious like the coil has come away from the motor or the motor or drum has seized up it is probably better to call in a professional.

Resistance readings for tacho coils are usually quite high, so if you don’t have a sensitive enough meter it could appear to be open circuit when in fact it’s reading over 150 Ohms or more and may be ok.

What does the tacho coil do?

In conjunction with a magnet fitted on the end of the armature shaft each time the motor does a revolution it can be counted by the software or pcb through the tacho coil. This information is used to judge and control the speed of the motor at all times.

If the coil is open circuit the washing machine would lose al control of the motor and in the past the motor would often spin uncontrollable causing damage to the washing machine. These days if an open circuit or missing tacho coil (they can fall off the motor) is detected the machine will stop working and report an error code.

More information

Although the fault may be different to error 7 with some models, the Nextra model references the error 8 and specifically says its the same as error 7. Therefore it may be helpful to read the Nextra Error 7 description, which also gives more information about the tacho coil.

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  1. My Hoover optima had the E08 fault, the symptoms were that the drum didnt rotate but it drained and filled ok.
    I tested the tacho it was fine and found the fault to be worn out brushes, i made a short video of the fix, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYn-f78GB4U if is any use.

  2. Thanks Sledger, the video is useful to see the tacho coil wires. The Error E08 is supposed to be implicating the tacho coil which is strange.

  3. avatar caroline says:

    very useful imformation thankyou….I shared your website on my facebook

  4. Many thanks Caroline. That’s very useful these days.

  5. Sledgers got it.
    Hoover DNY9144DG washing machine, E08 error code is a fault with the main motor. Unplug machine remove rear lower panel left side and disconnect power supply and carbon brush connections remove drive motor by removing two bolts the motor can then be removed and the drive belt can be released, place motor onto of machine and remove carbon brushes. you will most probably find one or both brushes are worn. replace brushes found on Amazon Hoover or Candy Part No: 49018683 for around £25. Reverse procedure, job done.

  6. Cheers Parrot. Carbons is only one of the possibilities for this error code though :)

  7. Thanks for tbis website, I got the E08 error on my hoover DYN9144 DG and checked the motor brush and found it to be short. Bought a new of eBay and fix, and the error is now clear.
    Keep up the good work.

  8. Thanks Jazy. My technical book still says it’s a tacho coil fault but several people have now fixed this error by replacing worn brushes.

  9. avatar Karl Diacono says:

    I have a hoover sensor dry which is showing E08 I get the impression that it is coming from the motor brush however when I unmounted the motor to take a look at the brushes I found that it is impossible to open the motor .. do I have to change the motor?

  10. It’s common now for motors to be unrepairable apart from replacing carbon brushes. Carbon brushes don’t require any stripping down of a motor.

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