Hoover Error 8

Error Code I have a few references to the Hoover error 8 message in my technical manuals. They are listed for the Hoover Vision HD series washing machines, Hoover 3 phase autowashers, and the Hoover Nextra and Optima models.

  • Hoover Vision: Error 8 = Tacho fault
  • Nextra: Error 8 = Motor jammed / Drum shaft jammed or tacho generator fault (This is the same description as for Nextra Error 7)
  • Hoover 3 phase autowashers: Error 8 = Tacho generator out of circuit. Can be wiring or board
  • Optima: E08 = Tacho fault

The references vary slightly, but most mention the tacho coil. However, also check for worn carbon brushes, which have been reported by people in the comments section below to have also fixed this fault. (See help for diagnosing worn brushes on any washing machine) Note: Not all washing machines have carbon brushes fitted.

What is the tacho coil?

The tacho coil is a small electrical coil fitted onto the motor. It is fitted at the opposite end of the drive belt where the carbon brushes are. This error says something is wrong regarding the tacho coil but it doesn’t specify exactly what.

Possibilities are varied so unless you know what you are doing, and unless you can see something obvious like the coil has come away from the motor or the motor or drum has seized up it is probably better to call in a professional.

Resistance readings for tacho coils are usually quite high, so if you don’t have a sensitive enough meter it could appear to be open circuit when in fact it’s reading over 150 Ohms or more and may be ok.

What does the tacho coil do?

In conjunction with a magnet fitted on the end of the armature shaft each time the motor does a revolution it can be counted by the software or pcb through the tacho coil. This information is used to judge and control the speed of the motor at all times. If the tacho coil is open circuit the washing machine would lose all control of the motor. In the past the motor would then spin uncontrollably causing damage to the washing machine. These days if an open circuit or missing tacho coil (they can fall off the motor) is detected the machine will stop working and report an error code.

What could be causing the error?

This error means the tacho coil circuit is faulty. So it could be an open circuit tacho coil. But if the coil is OK, it could be a connection fault at the coil or pcb end. Or a break in one of the wires connecting it to the pcb. Or potentially even a fault inside the pcb.

Related Information

Technical information for the Hoover Nextra model references an error 7, and although different, it references the same tacho coil. My article has more information on the tacho coil, and has photos that may be useful when troubleshooting the error 8 – Nextra Error 7.

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42 thoughts on “Hoover Error 8”

  1. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    That’s unfortunate. Motor’s aren’t cheap. However, the fault only refers to the tacho coil on the motor. If available they are only around £10 – Buy tacho coil for washing machine motors. This error says something is wrong regarding the tacho coil but it doesn’t specify exactly what so it could just be a bad connection on the motor plug, or on either end of the thin wires that connect to the tacho coil back to the PCB.

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