White Knight Tumble Dryer Fire Risk

Fire Risk A safety notice has been issued (in 2012) for another white goods appliance with a potential fire risk. This time it’s for a White Knight tumble dryer.

White Knight say one of the electrical connectors fitted to 1800 White Knight Condenser dryers (built in Oct 2010) has been discovered to be sub standard, and can potentially lead to overheating of the appliance. They are warning it could create a potential fire hazard.

Models affected

  • 0312 76A 15002 (77AW)
  • 0312 767 15009 (767C)
  • 0312 76A 15010 (77AW)
  • 0312 76A 15330 (77AS)
  • 0312 76A 31000 (CL76AWH)

Models above MUST also be in the serial range below to be affected

Even if you have one of the models listed, your particular tumble dryer may not be affected. You also need to check its serial number. Only models produced within a certain time frame are reportedly affected.

So if you have one of the models listed, the next thing to do is check whether your appliance has a serial number from the following list of affected batches. Note that the model and serial number can be found inside the door of your dryer.

Serial numbers affected

  • 1041 107080 to 1041 107598
  • 1042 117759 to 1042 118046
  • 1042 118761 to 1042 119460
  • 1042 122230 to 1042 122329
  • 1043 132621 to 1043 133490
  • 1044 136464 to 1044 136613
  • 1044 142276 to 1044 142775
  • 1044 145676 to 1044 145975
  • plus 070800, 070954, 070865
  • 072013, 070864 and 070738

Not sure about your serial number?

The way serial number ranges work is your serial number needs to be within the ranges quoted. That is the number should not be higher or lower . So in the first example, 1041 107080 to 1041 107598, if you had a serial number that was 1041 107079 it is not affected. The first part of the number is one increment lower.

Likewise if you had a serial number that was 1051 107598 it is also out of the range. The affected number starts with 1041 there is this one starts with 1051. You just have to treat the serial numbers as actual numbers.

NOTE: All affected dryers have serial numbers starting 104.. or 07.. so if you have one of the models listed but your serial number doesn’t start with 104.. or 07.. then it’s not affected according to White Knight. If it does start with 104.. or 07.. then it still needs to fall within the ranges listed to be affected.

Serial numbers starting with 07

The serial numbers quoted beginning with 07 are admittedly a little confusing because unlike the others those numbers aren’t ranges, they are just serial numbers but that’s how the official safety notice reports them. It looks like they have just picked out 6 unique serial numbers which makes no sense. If you have one beginning with 07 and are in doubt phone UK Freephone 0800 952 1102. However, the affected dryers are supposed to have been made in 2010 so if you bought yours much later than that it shouldn’t be affected.

What to do if your dryer is affected

Remember, only the models listed above, with serial numbers within any of the above lists are affected. If your dryer has a serial number within any of the affected batches, then STOP using it and disconnect it from the mains outlet as a precautionary measure. You can telephone White Knight on the following telephone number and they will arrange for your dryer to be replaced free of charge. If in doubt – contact White Knight.

Full details on this safety notice have been removed by White Knight

This article linked to a web page by the manufacturer giving details and help on what to do. They’ve since removed it as manufacturers always do. This is despite people still only just finding out about it and looking for help. I’ve found an old archived copy of the page.

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33 thoughts on “White Knight Tumble Dryer Fire Risk”

  1. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Hello Audrey. White Knight are surprisingly reliable to say they are essentially a budget dryer. The best dryer is likely to be a Miele, but a lot more expensive. For up to date reviews about which dryers are the most relaiable, which are best buys and which ones to avoid try joining Which? They have a great offer on Why subscribe to Which?

    1. Thank you for the reply, the engineer has been and checked the whole dryer but only the plug was at fault but also possibly our socket, he even checked my main fuse box as I am scared of house fire, the plug has been changed and using a different socket, we had the fire risk indesit before so bought white knight as a total change of company, thanks for the advice will look into to Miele range

  2. I have just reported to white knight a fire on my 10 year old dryer.
    It was plugged into the wall but not in use, late evening my tv and lamp went off, I went to my utility room as thought breaker had tripped, when I walked in the dryer was on fire! I have reported this to them and they will be collecting it to investigate.
    The model is CL 767 product number 031276715000/08.

    If you have one DONT LEAVE IT PLUGGED IN!! If it had happened during the day with nobody in I would have no house or even worse in the middle of the night I may not have been writing this now.

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