Beko condenser tumble dryer safety notice

Fire risk warning Unfortunately there’s yet another fire risk warning for an appliance. This time it’s on Beko Condenser Tumble Dryers. Beko are trying to track down owners of their 6kg & 7kg Condenser Tumble Dryers purchased between May and October 2012 to carry out a free of charge modification.

Beko are urging anyone who believes they have an affected model to stop using it immediately and disconnect it from the wall socket as a precaution.

For full details see their web page which tells you exactly how to check if your dryer is affected Beko 6kg & 7kg Condenser Tumble Dryer safety notice

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7 thoughts on “Beko condenser tumble dryer safety notice”

  1. Adam, A very disgruntled Beko ownr

    I have an affected condenser dryer (DCU7230S), only purchased on 9th november 2012. On 29/11/2012 Recieved an email from the retailer from whom I purchased the dryer warning me to cease using the dryer immediately, unplug the appliance and call beko on 0800 917 2018.

    I called the given number that evening and immediately got through to female customer service representative, who took my details, model No’, serial No’ etc and advised that an engineer would contact me within 48 hours to arrange an appointment to make the necessary modifications. GREAT……
    But no engineer called. I gave it an extra 24 hours as I suspected that they would be very busy and called again, its Monday 3rd December, this time a male called Daniel took my details again and apologetically told us that we should not have been told “within 48 hrs” as they were very busy, and that someone would get back to us within 24hrs ( : / contradicts himself badly). Sadly those 24 hours passed without the expected engineer call.
    wedneday morning I called Beko for a third time, straight through again, and after a rant down the phone the apologetic gent on Beko end offered a number for somone at head office who could definitely sort the issue out. The number was 01923 654 4649. THIS NUMBER IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE.
    Tried again today Thursday 6th December and just got fobbed off with another apology and a promise of an engineers call within 48 hour

    I feel that this is unacceptable behaviour by Beko, I bought this dryer to dry cloths, not look at while I dry my 3 month old daughters clothes over a storage heater. Has anyone had success? Has the engineer performed the necessary modifications? How long were you waiting?

  2. This is not the FIRST TIME, they’ve had this BS problem. They also had a recall on one of their fridge/freezers, some found out the ‘hard’ way, while others found out by accident. It’s about time somebody did something about their incompetence. It’s going to catch up with them and they will lose more and more customers. I can’t believe I’m one of the idiots who wanted to ‘give’ them another chance and go for the dryer, since it was a totally different appliance.

  3. Hi, Adam. Any news about the dryer? Has the engineer been? I am in exactly the same situation, I contacted BEKO several times (first time on the same day as the recall has been announced), no one phoned me back, then contacted the retailer, who promised to get BEKO to phone me – after a week still nothing. I am so fed up now with BEKO’s attitude and disrespect towards customers (and not being able to use the dryer for 3 weeks now) that I am now going to return the dryer to the retailer and never buy anything BEKO again.

  4. Hi
    We are having the same problems, three times rang Beko always promised to get back with a repair date nobody has ever called back. Rang John Lewis was told they would contact Beko to call back with appointment, nothing happened John Lewis called to say Beko had not added our machine serial number to the list, this despite us giving the serial number to Beko three times. John Lewis called weds and prommissed Beko would call within 48 hours and that they themselves would ring us on sat to check this had been actioined. Needless to say Beko have not called and also John Lewis have not called. We have had to purchase a clothes airer to get by, this is not the service we expected from John Lewis.

  5. Hi, Terry

    We finally had our dryer repaired on Christmas Eve! Only after farther-in-law had a rant at the BEKO Head Office, though. My advice to anyone trying to deal with BEKO is to demand that they arrange the engineer there and then and give you the EXACT date and approximate time, do not let them off the phone until they do. Threaten them to get to the top and write an official complaint to the managers and anything else you can think of.. Do not let them fob you off again. That was the only way to get it fixed. Good luck!

  6. i have an affected tumble dryer mine was purchased through k&co 15th november , i only received a letter 19th january to find out mine was dangerous ! i told them im not happy having parts took off and messed about with if its dangerous and that i want it replacing, especially as i dont start paying for it until this november, response was that they were willing to send an engineer (week later still heard nothing) found out today after ringing once again that beko DO NOT replace catalogue items ?? so now its down to k&co (who told me its down to beko) citizens advice time :/

  7. joanne hargreaves

    Disgusted with K & Co from whome i purchased my beco dryer from when i contacted customer services i was told that they had been faults and to stop using it immediately and that my details have been logged and someone from another department will be in touch within 48 hours!!!!! This was 3 weeks ago 4 phone calls later and still nobody has contacted me!!!!! Even though i explained to customer services that the dryer burnt out my plug sockets on the wall and that the back of it was red hot but the clothes inside the drum remained wet after a cycle they still are not taking this as a serious matter i am trying to contact them today but keep getting put on hold until the line goes dead and i have to redial!!!!!

    I have heard that the dryer i purchased can cause fire and so have removed it from my home altogether and stored it away in my shed the lady i purchased it from who had the K & Co catalogue was contacted about the dryer and that it was to be recalled she gave the man who called at her house my details as it was not for her but the man never contacted me or knocked on my door i ordered my Beco dryer in october 2012 and even though it has a twelve month gaurantee i reported the fault 3 weeks ago and still nothing is being done about it K & Co in my eyes have a lot to anwer for but are failing to contact me with any reasons as to why they have not done so earlier!!!!!! I will not order Beko products again i will most definately order anything from K & Co again !!!!!!

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