Hoover Nextra error code 7

Error Code Hoover Nextra error 7 (as with all Nextra error codes) is shown by flashing two lights in a 15 second cycle, usually the start and pause, or start and delay-start LEDs. If you count how many times the lights flash before pausing and repeating the sequence and it amounts to 7 flashes then this page explains the meaning.

Nextra error code 7 means –

“Motor jammed / Drum shaft jammed / Tacho generator fault”

Remember error codes are specific to one make or even one range of washing machines. An error 7 on an AEG for example will mean something different. These three explanations all refer to a specific fault where the washing machine knows it’s supplying power to the motor and that the power is running all the way through the motor and back to the main pcb.

Therefore it knows the motor should be running – but it cannot detect that the motor is actually running.

Motor jammed

The first possible fault could be if the motor is trying to turn but the motor is physically jammed. This is likely to be rare. It’s easily tested by opening the door on the washing machine and spinning the drum by hand.

If it moves normally and freely it’s clearly not jammed and this is not the fault. If it is jammed or very stiff then making sure the machine is disconnected from the mains supply you can just take off the drive belt.

You can then see if it’s the motor or the drum that is jammed. If the motor is jammed it’s likely to need replacing but it’s rare for one to jam.

Drum shaft jammed

This would cause the exact same problem in that the motor is trying to turn but because the drum was jammed it couldn’t. Again, easily tested by turning the drum by hand – if it’s free then it isn’t the fault. If it’s jammed or very stiff, removing the belt will let you determine whether it’s the motor or the drum that’s jammed.

Generator fault

The way a washing machine detects the speed of the motor is via the tacho coil, which is the last potential fault listed. The tacho coil is on the motor under the motor plug cover. It’s at the end opposite to the drive belt with 2 thin wires running from it.

It’s a small coil that surrounds the shaft of the main armature where a small round magnet is attached. As the armature turns, the magnet on the end of the shaft turns inside the coil. It’s then easy for the pcb to count each revolution of the small magnet and work out how many revolutions per minute it is turning.

Tacho magnet off or broken

If the small magnet mentioned in the last paragraph has broken, or come loose and dropped off, then the tacho coil won’t be able to pick up any signal from it and won’t detect that the motor is turning. This can also cause the error 7.

Tacho coil - washing machine motor

It’s a relatively common cause in fact. The pcb knows it’s sending power to the motor and that it hasn’t detected any other fault on the motor – but it can’t detect that it’s running.

In this photo you can see at the top of the motor a typical tacho coil set up.

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41 thoughts on “Hoover Nextra error code 7”

  1. anyonymous dublin

    i got it working in the end. just tried a few different programs and it seems to work now. I don’t have a clip on the coil and I don’t think there was one on it. Is there always one on these washer dryers?

  2. The coil has to be secured somehow. If you can’t pull it off (don’t try too hard) then presumably it is secured somehow. If not the chances are it will come off sooner or later.

  3. Sorry, should have also mentioned that my coil was not secured using the clip. There was a raised part inside the coil housing which makes it a tight fit. The coil can be prised out with a screwdriver (carefully) then pressed back in. Be carful when reinserting that you don’t damage the coil if it fits in this was, as tapping it in may damage it. Although it was tight, I was able to press it in with my fingers.

  4. Thanks for this artical, helped me immensely in repairing my machine. I was getting intermittant error 7s on my Hoover washing machine. This artical pointed me to the Tacho which I checked and tested. The magnet was secure on the back of the shaft and the coil tested OK. To test, put a miltimeter over the tacho coil and measure the resistance which should be about 170 ohms. You can also test the operation by measuring milli Volts over the coil and spinnimg the motor shaft by hand. As the shaft turns you should see the voltage fluctuation as the magnet on the shaft induces voltage in the coil.

    After testing I reassembled then it would work for between 1 and 3 cycles, always failing on the rinse cycle when it did fail. I eventually tracked it down to broken cable. Where the yellow wires enter the coil, if I wiggle them and measure resistance, the coil would sometimes go open circuit. I ordered a replacement coil (about £24 delivered) and the machine has worked flawlessly for over a week now.

    Hope this helps others to test the coil and check for broken wires!

  5. matthew laverty

    this is so helpful, we have a hoover nextra, it kept cutting out mid wash with two lights flashing 7 times. I did what was said and glued part that looked like pepper pot lid as part was missing. thanks load you saved me £110

  6. Hi, I’ve got a Nextra 8 HNF7138 which stops mid wash with error 7 but it will always work if put it on a spin cycle, the motor accelerates and slows as it should.

    I’ve changed brushes because they were really worn but the fault persists. If the tacho was faulty surely it’d not spin properly either? ?

  7. Does it spin OK if it’s given error 7 and then you move it onto spin? Or do you mean if you put it onto spin rather than a wash cycle it works OK, and the error only occurs during wash cycle? I’m wondering if something is going open circuit when it’s getting hot during wash?

    1. If I put it on a wash it goes through the motions until it comes time to spin, it tries three times and then gives up with error 7. It won’t do anything after that while the error 7 is being flashed but if you turn the program selector to off and then try again right away it will rinse or spin immediately so it doesn’t seem like something has overheated.

      When it tries to spin in a wash program it does seem to jump about a bit as though it gets off balance?

  8. I would make sure it’s pumping the water out fast enough, a partially blocked filter or pump could cause it problems when it comes to spin but it should give a totally different error code really. The fault isn’t making much sense unfortunately so I’d get an engineer in.

    1. OK, thanks, I’ll check that but I think the money I’d spend on an engineer would be better put towards a new machine, this one has done sterling duty until thei fault and is probably 7 years old, fault free for all that time too. so it owes me nothing.

  9. Steve Sargent

    Thank you!!! 7 flashing lights and a loose tacho magnet, spot on. I would never have discovered this for myself. Am very grateful. :-)

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