Are there any downsides to Miele washing machines?

Pros-and-cons Their cost is the main disadvantage for most people. A higher quality washing machine needs more financial investment to purchase. They cost a lot more up front but they are supposed to be cheaper over the long run by lasting longer and breaking down less.

However, although a Miele should be far less likely to need repairs, repairs are relatively expensive. Major parts can be very expensive indeed. If buying a Miele try to find one with a long guarantee. Typically they are guaranteed for 2, 5 or 10 years.

Repairs & Servicing

Authorised-Dealers Like all premium brands Miele have a protective attitude towards their appliances and image. They strongly believe that only themselves and their dealers should repair their appliances to ensure the high standard of service they deserve. This is pretty normal amongst all niche high quality products, but it means there are very few independent washing machine repairers who repair them.

There is a small percentage of independent repairers who may be willing to have a look at one depending on the fault. But most independents do not repair Miele appliances. They don’t have the computer laptop and diagnostic software, or access to technical information so they might be unable to diagnose or even calibrate the machine.

You will need to use Miele engineers or dealers for repairs

I used to take great issue with this. I still think it can be counter productive in various ways, not least by causing Miele repairs to be more expensive due to lack of competition. But Miele do make a uniquely exceptional quality washing machine compared to the rest. In today’s economic climate in particular this is extremely brave – and thank goodness someone still does.

Most manufacturers make massive compromises on the quality of their appliances in order to sell to the masses. Miele aren’t immune from the necessity to keep costs under control, and the inevitable compromises that can dictate. But they generally plough a solitary path down the “forever better” ethos. Like all high quality niche manufacturers they have to adopt certain ways of surviving and maintaining their brand image.

It has to be said also that most appliance manufacturers are now making their appliances more unrepairable by design, or by ludicrous spare parts prices, and by restricting technical information to independent repairers. So across the board appliances have become substantially less repairable than in the past. A counter point to this is that they are also generally very much cheaper to buy in real terms.

However, some of Miele spare parts can seem insanely expensive. A good example is I just bought a new Miele oven and we wanted an extra wire shelf. Miele wanted to charge £90 for it. I could buy an entire (albeit inferior quality) oven for just £119. I ended up buying a Neff wire shelf for just £23 which was more than good enough.

Longer guarantees

My advice would be that if investing in a Miele washing machine, you need to be prepared to use Miele engineers or dealers for any future repairs. It’s little different to how if you bought a Mercedes car you would expect servicing costs to be higher than for a Fiat. Most people shouldn’t encounter any serious breakdowns though, and Miele quality still can’t be beaten.

Extended Warranties The minimum guarantee on a Miele appliance is 2 years, but many models have 5 year guarantees and some are guaranteed for 10 years. I have a Miele W3740 washing machine. I hasn’t given any trouble at all in over 11 years and still sounds like new to me. I would expect most people’s experience to be similar. Even high quality appliances can still break down, but if you buy a Miele model with a long guarantee you can get extra piece of mind.

Designed for equivalent of 20 years life

Miele have long since advertised their washing machines as designed to last 20 years. In relatively recent years they’ve had to amend it to, “tested for the equivalent of 20 years’ use”. They currently word it as follows –

During these tests appliances have to wash for 10,000 hours. This involves running approximately 5000 wash programmes. In terms of daily laundry this equates to about 5 programmes per week with an average run time of 2 hours for 20 years.  ”

Anyone washing more than 7 times a week could use up the 20 year lifespan several years short. Miele engineers can tell how many wash cycles their washing machines have done by plugging in their laptops. Ultimately, their designed for slogan does not guarantee it will last 20 years.

Sadly, I’ve had so many reports of dissatisfied Miele owners whose Miele appliance has not lasted anywhere near 20 years that I feel it’s no longer safe to assume one will last like they used to, although it’s still possible.  Sadly, the quality – although still superior to most others – appears to have dropped. Coupled with extremely high repair costs it seems there is much more risk involved in investing in a Miele appliance these days.

Unsurprisingly not too many retailers sell Miele appliances, and some only stock a small selection. This is partially because most retailers follow the same path as manufacturers in that they just want to sell appliances in vast quantities – which you can’t do with Miele.

I’ve recently realised that a lot of the parts are in fact of a very similar – if not same – build quality as ordinary washing machines. I discovered this when I was part of a Which? Investigation, and we completely stripped down 12 brand-new washing machines of different brands. We found parts like the pump, water valves, belt and others looked no different to any other brand. However, the motor, drum and bearings, casing, and some other parts are clearly still of higher build quality.

Miele build quality review

Having said all that, I believe Miele are still the best quality washing machine. I have another article looking at the build quality of Miele washing machines

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39 thoughts on “Are there any downsides to Miele washing machines?”

  1. I have a Miele semi integrated washing machine and stacked tumble dryer . Both fitted and matching my surrounding Pronorm kitchen units .
    For the second time in ten years the washing machine has broken down
    The first time in 2018 ,after much correspondence with Miele they agreed to repair rather than replace
    Now it has broken down again and the Miele engineer reported that it should be replaced .
    Apart from my having to tolerate a white unit completely out of keeping with my smart kitchen, I cannot get a clear acknowledgment that my existing dryer can again be stacked above . Numerous calls to Miele ,Domestic and General insurance and the supplier AO has resulting in three days of hours and hours of phone calls , being transferred to other depts and still no conclusive answer .
    The after sales service of Miele is a disgrace . They cannot be relied on . The claim by Miele to produce long lasting products is in my experience false

  2. Gordon Barraclough

    We have had Miele appliances and kitchens in our last 3 houses. Unfortunately our 9 month old WEG665 front loading Twindos washing machine has developed a fault which renders it inoperable. We were advised that the soonest a third party contractor could attend was 10 days. With such a premium brand 10 days is simply not good enough. After making a formal complaint to Miele customer services this has been reduced to 6 days and the technician is a Miele employee. Whilst this revised day is an improvement it is still very disappointing. Apparently it is due to our location…… St Andrews, not exactly Outer Mongolia!

  3. I feel I’m well placed to comment on this. In the last ten years I’ve had a crap experience with the vast majority of washing machines. We brought a Hotpoint that was DOA, had a Zanussi that wore its bearings out in 14 months despite never being overloaded or overworked, a Samsung that failed completed after 5 months and took 4 visits from Samsung to fix…..before flooding our utility a month later and finally an LG that worked great for 5 years, but the rigours of having two teens and two twin primary schoolers finally caught up with it.

    For us, I run a business, my wife works and we have kids, I’m happy to pay more to get reliability, rather than having to go through the inconvenience of having engineers out or to replace them every few years. So, with this is mind, last year we decided to get a Miele when the LG gave up. It had the promotional 10 year warranty, it was raved about in reviews, which gave it a Best Buy, what’s not to like?

    Ordered direct from Miele UK. Arrived damaged. It took them a week to arrange collection and then another week for them to send the new one. Not off too a good start.

    New one arrived and fitted. First impressions? Didn’t seem like a premium machine. Heavy? Absolutely! Quiet? Absolutely not! It makes a constant ticking noise when the drum is turning and making a metallic clonking noise during every single spin. Miele engineer visited and could hear the noise, could confirm that wasn’t right but because he “Couldn’t SEE the issue” he didn’t fix it. Told us to call back if it got worse.

    Yesterday I came downstairs and into the utility and saw a pool of water under the machine. Odd. I pulled it out and checked, no visible leaks. So I cleaned it up and put in a service request to Miele just in case. 15 mins later and my skin on my hand is bright red and other parts are white as snow. It’s a peroxide burn, the Twindos system is leaking. The cartridge was empty and we had only done 3 washes from it.

    Engineer called us today to say that “It could be a faulty cartridge” and to buy a replacement and see if it happens again. If they came out and find it was that, I’d be charged for the visit, as they don’t cover those under warranty.

    So I’ve got a chemical burn, the machine sounds like a bag of nails and now I’ve lost a full cartridge of detergent and have to pay another £15 for it to potentially happen again.

    Honestly? I might just buy another LG, that or the cheapest machine I can find and run it until it dies. The customer service has been dire so far and I’m a little past giving more chances to be fobbed off.

    1. A bit late now of course but automatic dosing is fraught with problems and costly to repair especially on a Miele if out of warranty.
      Personally I don`t like Miele (but for non obvious reasons which I cannot go into publically or put it this way an on going incident starting from late 1930`s Germany if you get my drift). The last time I checked earlier this year, around July, their callout / labour charge goes something as follows: £150 for the first hour then 100 quid for a full second hour then an undisclosed per £ for minutes after that either way plus spares costs which, least it should be common knowledge by now to all who did their buying homework, will also be mega bucks. Rich mans machine. One of the least unreliable machines, least historically, is, I agree, an LG and spares, so long as not obsolete after 4 years, are fairly priced.
      Also the entry level 700 quid models now have sealed plastic tanks just like all other brands ther than Chinese and Korean made machines. I dread to think how much a sealed tank unit is for a Miele.
      Although I was in the repair trade until late 2022 I would never buy a Miele for fear of spare parts not being available to the general public (and trade too now unless trade accounted) in direct contravention of the EU UK 10 year parts availability act which is a nonsense in its current form in anycase: manufacturers can charge what they like….as Miele sure as hell do and Miele will not flog parts as DIY.
      What to buy……answer is an unhelpful to most folk as nothing expensive: the more expensive an appliance is the crappier the service in some shape or form: so you might, as far as washing machines go, buy a 300 quid Indesit with the freebee 10 years parts warranty for when the bearing in the sealed tank fail or the only manufactuers replacement pcboard fails – has to be programmed onsite…you then either pay to get it fixed – their labour circ 130 quid, but you can buy parts online easily or just scrap the bu*ger as it is cheaper to scrap a 300 quid machine after 5 years ( if unlucky), so say 6 years (known Indesits last 14 years with a few cheap repairs along the way) than to scrap a 1000 quid Miele at 10 years old (if also unlucky!). Miele warranty is bad for the premium money you shell out on purchase. It was only ever promotional (every now and again) expensive top range Miele that were advertized with a 10 year parts and labour warranty which I`ll admit was good value = 100 quid a year. The appliance trade is and has always been over the 39 years I was a service engineer been a complete racket. The old saying goes: beware of possessions possessing you!

  4. “If buying a Miele try to find one with a long guarantee. Typically they are guaranteed for 2, 5 or 10 years.”

    Our machine was bought with a 10 year warranty, but Miele no longer offer the 10 year warranty, but now only offer a 2 year warranty, although this can be extended, at a cost.

    I’ve had a W304 for 18 years without fault until now.
    The spring on the outer of the drum seal clamp has broken and Miele will no longer allow spares to be sold to the consumer.
    You have to get a registered engineer to come out with this part and fit it.
    It takes a few seconds to fit, but the cost of the call-out on such an old machine makes it prohibitive.
    I’ve sourced a ‘used’ part on eBay which will extend the life for maybe another year.

    As I understood it, this policy by Miele contravenes the ‘Right to Repair’ law that went into effect on July 1, 2021.
    This, I need to pursue further.

    At this moment it time, I am uncertain as to whether or not I would purchase another Miele washing machine.

    1. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

      Hi John. I believe the right to repair is virtually useless in its current forum as I detail here

      They only have to make spare parts available to the trade and not the public. Plus there’s no restrictions on what they can charge for the spares. So there’s nothing to stop manufacturers just pricing the old spare parts so high no one will buy them. I honestly don’t think a single thing will change because of the right to repair.

  5. Christopher james came

    We have had our miele washing machine for nearly 20 years no problems till now got very noisy tried to get it repaired but quotes very expensive more than a new machine three to four hundred pounds still looks like new any advice please.

    1. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

      I wouldn’t have an expensive repair on a 20 year old Miele. It’s lasted as long as Miele claim they designed for.

  6. I have had a Miele washing machine for 17yrs it started making a slight banging noise on the spin found a company that repair washing machine including Miele an expensive callout only to be told the drum was cracked so unrepairable but it still works !!

      1. My say is that whilst Miele Machines have gone down In quality…..(last 6ish years, did whole different design machines) they are still far superior than any other brands (Bosch, neff, Siemens, LG, whirlpool, ect)
        I Have both the old type (W3922) and W1 (without Twindos)
        The build quality on the 3922 is slightly better to the user……
        Their latest machines have had lots of crisisisam due to the noise they make when spinning. As an engineer I can say that if it is not 100 Level it will shudder a bit… Why? Because they get on with spinning… They are not afraid to spin a (slightly) out of balance load…. whereas any other machine would fuss around trying to balance and end up either moving on to rinse or finishing wet

        Anyway any miele cleans much better than other machine and works amazing as long as you have some common sense…
        A few tips coming from an engineer…
        Use Powdered soap at least once every five load
        MEASURE : You want to see a good amount of suds however if the clothing seems to be covered in white foam you have too much
        Yeah this wrecks the machine by coating an aluminum part which holds the drum….when this breaks it will be unusable and probably uneconomical to repair…
        Do a wash at least 60 (preferably 95) degrees Celsius or higher once every 8ish loads, yes towels and cloths will not come out any different to a 40/60 degrees was apart from being much more cleaner
        Happy laundering

  7. Well we purchased our Miele WCG120XL white, 9kg 1600 Spin +++ washing machine from E & H Services in Belfast on 31.07.18. Until today we have used it approx twice a week without fault. Small washes never a full load. Today it broke down and my husband has went through the problem solving guide to no avail. We contacted company we purchased from and they advised us this model would have had 5 year warranty with it and give us Miele contact no. I have rang it six times and have been cut-off six times in mid conversation, and left listening a boring tune for 19 minutes and 38 seconds and then cut off! After reading above comments I am beginning to get a sinking feeling that £985.00 for a machine I was advised will probably out live me. May not have been the right choice. My husband has sent an E Mail to Miele who have advised him it will take 2 days for him to get a response. Will up date outcome.

  8. Miele washing machines w5714 seem to have a common fault at around 10 years , the electronics fail.
    The cost of repair is around $1000 Aus dollars which is about 50% of the cost of a new unit.
    Maybe it’s time to try another brand, pretty sure most of the other brands will last at least 10 years.

    1. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

      Hi Richard. Yes Miele repairs are far too high. If they weren’t then Miele washing machines would last much longer. However, some cheap brands are only lasting a couple of years, though. Plus, the cheap brands are just as expensive to repair as a percentage of purchasing costs. In my Poll asking how long did your last washing machine last, almost a quarter of the 4,200 respondents said their last washer lasted 3 years or less

      I don’t have the same confidence in Miele as I had many years ago, though I still believe they are the best quality you can currently buy. So if money is no object, I’d still buy one. But if I had to go for value for money, I no longer trust that investing in a Miele will give me a good 20 years of life. So I would seriously look at another brand when my current Miele (of 17 years) breaks down.

  9. My Miele washing machine is running but not spinning to full capacity. I’m beginning to wonder if I should replace and not repair after reading comments. I’ve looked in filter ,all seems ok. It’s about 10 years old so I think I’ve had my money’s worth.

    1. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

      Hi Ann. It’s very difficult because unless someone looks at it, you don’t know how much it will cost to repair. Without that knowledge you can’t decide. 10 years is young for a Miele. Mine is about 18 years old and still works and sounds great.

      It could have another 10 years but if it needed a new motor for example it could cost almost as much as an entry level new Miele. If it only needed new carbon brushes though it should be a lot cheaper.

      I’d find out how much Miele charge for repairs. A lot of manufacturers have fixed repair prices now.

  10. I wish I had read this forum a few weeks ago. I have a 15 yr old Miele washing machine which has now got a leak and making a lot of noise. I decided to ring Miele to see what the options were. I live in Northern Ireland ( still part of the UK last time I looked) but had to ring Miele Ireland in Dublin which costs international rates. The guy I spoke to explained I could pay a fixed price repair of £309.00 for a call out and if machine couldn’t be fixed the £309.00 to be put towards another Miele. This is despite the UK site offering this service for £269.00. I decided to go for it as I liked my Miele. Technician came out and immediately said that it wasn’t worth repairing. The £309.00 was paid and I am still waiting for someone to contact me about getting a new machine. Not only that but I keep getting reminders to pay £309. Also, a request to pay 155 euros?? Keep ringing and put on hold. Wish I had just gone for a cheaper machine. The cost of the phone calls is adding up and I’m £309.00 out of pocket and no washing machine.

    1. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

      Hi Heather. What did they say was wrong with it? This is the problem, a 15-year-old Miele washing machine designed to last 20 years should be worth repairing if it’s only leaking. But when they want half the cost of a basic Miele to repair it, it throws the whole concept out of the window.

      1. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

        Also, the phrase, “if it can’t be fixed” should only apply to really extreme cases. How is it that a 15-year-old Miele cannot be fixed when they are designed to last 20 years?

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