How to cancel the error code on an AEG washing machine

Error Code With most washing machines you do not need to reset any error code. An error code is displayed when the programme cycle software detects there is a fault. As soon as this fault is repaired the error code should no longer display. Just cancelling or resetting an error code will only see it return if the fault hasn’t been fixed.

However, it seems that even after some faults have been repaired, some AEG washing machines can still display the error code until it has been reset. This is only a problem if you’ve fixed the fault yourself though, because clearly any engineer would do this for you.

Looking into this for a Washerhelp forum user recently I found that the following procedure may work with some (older?) Lavamat models –

You have to run the “test” cycle. With the switch in the off position, hold in the Pre wash & soak button and then turn the rotary knob to gentle (or short) spin. Presumably this should run a short test sequence and clear the error.

His reply was “.. the instructions you gave were correct, but to reset my machine I had to hold the same 2 buttons but turn the rotary knob clockwise to the Energy Saving position”.

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20 thoughts on “How to cancel the error code on an AEG washing machine”

  1. My AEG washine machine displayed the error code C9. I changed the motor brushes and reset the error code. It worked fine untill the last 5 minutes of the cycle and then the error code C9 flashed up again. Any idears.

  2. Neil: If the error code was successfully cleared but returned at the end of the wash, the main implication is that the fault was fixed but broke down again at the end of the wash.

  3. Any ideas how to reset the PCB in an AEG L76810 (PNC 914 016 192 00) I feel I have fixed an NTC problem but code will not clear ?

  4. Hello John. The only AEG washing machine reset procedure I have is as described in the article. I have amended the wording slightly as I think you may have to carry out the procedure with the on off switch off.

  5. Hi, got C9 error code on our machine, AEG EKO-LAVAMAT 76660 UPDATE. The repair guy told us to check;
    – Short Circuit in the engine
    – Short Circuit in the speed governor
    – Speed governor detached from uneven runs, and needing regluing.
    – Carbon brushes requiring replacement

    Anyway for that price we thought we’d check ourselves first, so we opened it up and some connectors had gotten loose just behing the control knob. Resecuring got us into the C9 error still, at which point we got the idea to try to reset the machine. Thanks to this post we managed to reset it by following the procedure described in the original post.

  6. hello,i have one Lavamat 42090 Electronic and it doesn`’t start and the stop blinking 11 times repetitive.How can i resete this unit,please?Thanks very mach.Roger.

  7. Thanks for this very useful article that helped me resetting my machine when it was fully stopped.
    Just one point to make, my machine was reset by turning the on-off button anticlockwise and not clockwise.

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