AEG error code E35

Error Code Error E35 on AEG washing machines and washer dryers means there is a fault on the filling system and is described as an “Overflow” fault. The machine believes it is overfilling and takes abortive action as described later. There are several possible causes listed, many of which a diy repairer is unlikely to find helpful.

The possible causes listed are –

  • Fill valve is faulty
  • Leaks from water circuit on pressure switch
  • Pressure switch defective
  • Wiring defective
  • Main board defective

This is typical of many error codes (especially on AEG, Zanussi) where the code only gives a ball-park idea of the fault. Therefore, a diy repairer, with no experience and no access to parts to try fitting, is likely to find it too difficult to fix unless they can see something fairly obvious.

The technical information goes on to describe symptoms as –

Cycle stops. Emergency drain procedure. Drain pump continues to operate.(5 mins on, then 5 mins off etc.) OFF/Reset

The error code masks the symptoms of overfilling

If a fault on a washing machine is causing it to overfill this error code steps in and aborts the wash before it can overfill. This is great, it is much less likely to flood your kitchen, but it also makes it harder to diagnose the fault because you cannot observe it overfilling.

If the fill valve is jammed, it is likely to not stop letting in water when the power is switched off. This used to be a lot more common but with modern water valves it’s rare. Otherwise look at the other explanations. For further (general) help, particularly in understanding how washing machines control water levels see my washing machine is overfilling article.

There’s no mention of any procedure to reset the error code other than the OFF/Reset which doesn’t really say much other than imply it resets when you turn it off. To see if the error is still there you should simply put it on a wash cycle. if it’s still faulty it will abort and give the error code again. If not, it’s presumably sorted.

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