How to cancel the error code on an AEG washing machine

Error Code With most washing machines you do not need to reset any error code. An error code is displayed when the programme cycle software detects there is a fault. As soon as this fault is repaired the error code should no longer display. Just cancelling or resetting an error code will only see it return if the fault hasn’t been fixed.

However, it seems that even after some faults have been repaired, some AEG washing machines can still display the error code until it has been reset. This is only a problem if you’ve fixed the fault yourself though, because clearly any engineer would do this for you.

Looking into this for a Washerhelp forum user recently I found that the following procedure may work with some (older?) Lavamat models –

You have to run the “test” cycle. With the switch in the off position, hold in the Pre wash & soak button and then turn the rotary knob to gentle (or short) spin. Presumably this should run a short test sequence and clear the error.

His reply was “.. the instructions you gave were correct, but to reset my machine I had to hold the same 2 buttons but turn the rotary knob clockwise to the Energy Saving position”.

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20 thoughts on “How to cancel the error code on an AEG washing machine”

  1. Hello Shobith. If the error code keeps showing than the chances are the error is still present. Error C1 on the AEG means the washing machine believes it is not filling up with water or that it is filling up too slowly. If you can see that water is in actual fact entering the washing machine then you can discount the fact that it is not taking in water but there are other faults that could be causing problems.

    If the water pressure is too low it could be timing out on fill. Also if the drain hose has been pushed too far down into a standpipe, or is otherwise too low then water entering the machine could siphon straight out down the drain and never filled the drum triggering this error. For further details on both these points check out this article – washing machine filling faults

  2. Hello . Not sure if you mean leak detection in the baser of machine or the anti leak system in the fill hose (e.g. Aqua stop hoses for washing machines & dishwashers)

    If it’s the leak detection in the base. You shouldn’t need to reset it. If there is a leak a float mechanism activates a switch in the base. Once the leak has stopped the float drops back down and the switch turns off. If the float is stuck it may continue to flag a leak that isn’t there so check it isn’t stuck.

    If it’s an aqua stop type hose, once it has activated it is permanent and needs replacing.

  3. Hi there I am trying to reset a AEG L99699FL after replacing the pcb unit . I can’t seem to find out how to reset the machine . Any ideas ?



  4. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Hello Russell. Any error code would be logged in the PCB so if you replace it then it should be gone. If the error is still there it would imply the fault causing the error is still there.

  5. Hi, I have a AEG OKO-LAVAMAT 88840 UPDATE and I get the error code “C7” as the machine first starts filling with water. I can clear the fault using the reset procedure and the program continues to run to a finish. Next time I use the machine the C7 error pops up again and I have to reset the machine and so it continues. I’ve seen elswewhere the problem is “probably” the heater but I’ve no idea where it is in the machine … any clues or advice would be appreciated

  6. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    Error C7 on AEG Lavamat washing machine is, “not heating”. The strange thing is if the heater isn’t working it shouldn’t complete a full wash cycle and shouldn’t be cleaning the laundry. I have an article about washing machine heating elements

  7. Hi,I had E50 code flashing 5 bleeps on my AEG LAVAMAT 747400 ,The washing machine would not fast spin,leaving clothes to wet,then it would not spin at all,
    I noticed the bushes were about 10mm sticking out of the holder,so replaced them,
    The Error code comes on in most cycles at different stages.
    The instructions for wiping error code can`t done on this machine as I do not have a soft wash button,
    This is my machine lay out in button options PREWASH-STAIN-SENSITIVE NO SOFTWASH.
    Any advice would be great please,
    Best Regards Mr H

  8. Andy Trigg (Whitegoodshelp)

    It’s rare that you would need to reset an error code once the fault has been fixed. If a washing machine has a reset sequence then an error code can be temporarily reset, but as soon as the washing machine is used again and the fault reoccurs the error code will come back. If a fault is removed the error code should disappear on its own. One possibility is if the the carbon brushes were worn and in need of replacement but still actually functioning and the error is caused by another fault? If the error was caused by the brushes one of them should have been sooty and charred.

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