Washing machine stops mid cycle

Progress A very common fault on washing machines is when one fails to complete the cycle and stops part way through. Many people blame the programme timer or main PCB for this, but although it is a possible cause there are several more likely causes for this fault. Older washing machines would stick in various places on the cycle but modern washers rarely stick, instead they usually abort the programme mid cycle and produce an error code.

The program will stick or abort mid cycle if the heater isn’t working, if the thermostat fails, if it can’t fill up with water for the rinses, if it can’t empty the water at all or in enough time and so on. There are too many possible causes of this fault to be able to give anything other than rudimentary advice. However, the most common causes of a washing machine failing half way through the cycle that can easily be fixed are filling and emptying problems.

Check that the cold water supply is available to the washing machine, which is a common cause for sticking on rinses. If the washing machine appears to stop mid-cycle and isn’t filling with water on rinses then see washing machine won't fill with water before calling an engineer. If the washing machine can’t drain the water out then it will stick on the rinses, or it will abort with an error code. If you can see water still inside the washing machine then check the following advice washing machine won’t drain the water

Washing machine stops mid cycle with an error code

These days, most washing machines are controlled by software in computer-type modules. If a fault occurs, the washing machine will often abort the program and display an error code. This could be in the form of a letter and number (such as F10 or E2) or by flashing neon lights. If your washing machine is aborting the program, and lights are flashing, make a note of which neon(s) are lit up or flashing. This is invaluable information which can be reported to an engineer. For information on other washing machine error codes, see washing machine displays an error code

Washing machine empties water and aborts programme just after starting, or mid-wash

Sometimes a washing machine will fill with water as normal, but instead of washing, it could just sit there for several minutes before draining out all the water and turning itself off. Another possibility is that the washing machine could start out washing okay, but halfway through the cycle it may suddenly drain all the water and turn off.

With most washing machines these days this behaviour should be accompanied by an error code. The error code could be a readable code on the display or one indicated through flashing lights with (or without) accompanying option lights that may light up. For further details see the following articles – Washing machine stops with an error code | Washing machine stops with lights flashing | Program selector knob (dial) clicks round continuously

If your washing machine suddenly switches off and drains the water but does not have any flashing lights or any option lights lit up that may indicate an error code then the only clue is to observe the exact point of the wash cycle that triggers this behaviour.

Here are some general pointers –

  • If it aborts within the first 30 minutes or so of a wash it could be that the heater isn't working and it has detected the water isn't getting any warmer and timed out on heat ( Washing machine isn't heating up the water )
  • If it aborts after 30 mins or so whilst still on wash and the water is clearly getting hot it could have detected the water is overheating. This could be caused by a faulty thermistor, which is a modern thermostat (How to test an NTC thermistor). It's usually situated next to or pushed inside the heating element and is a type of resistor which changes its electrical resistance according to its temperature. Overheating is a tricky one to diy repair
  • Some washing machines will abort if they detect any one of the parts has a slight leak to earth. A megger meter would be needed to check for this and only engineers tend to have them. Insulation tests involve putting 500 v CD through the machine.
  • Some washing machines can stick for hours or indefinitely without triggering an error code, some can even get stuck on the last 1 minute remaining section. This can be caused by various things such as a heater going open circuit mid-wash or faulty connections on NTCs. It’s best to get someone in if this happens

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  1. avatarshyam sunder says

    Dear sir i am also faced same problem my ifb w/m/c 7kg digital with 1200 Rpm .My timer programme at synthetic wash 40digree water is full but only 01 min left to complete programme pls tell me some .pls

  2. avatar says

    Shyam, some washing machines can stick for hours or indefinitely without triggering an error code, some can even get stuck on the last 1 minute remaining section. This can be caused by various things such as a heater going open circuit mid-wash or faulty connections on NTCs. It’s best to get someone in if this happens

  3. avatarRamy says


    I have a Daewoo DWD-M1031 it starts for few seconds and sometime for few minutes then no power and all lights are off only humming, in some cases it works fine no problem but after few days again after starting no power only humming.

    Please if you can help and advise.

    Thank you.

  4. avatarRamy says

    Sorry to post again but only I forgot that water valve is ok, door lock is ok, heater is ok and drain pump also ok I don’t have any problem except the problem described above here.

    Thanks in advance for help.

  5. avatar says

    Hello Ramy, if all the lights go out it would suggest a problem with the power supply somewhere. I would try to in a completely different socket but it could be a problem with the power inside the machine. So if it doesn’t behave any differently in a completely different socket I would get an engineer to look at it. Humming is commonly caused if there is no water available in the hoses but the water valve is being energised. However, this shouldn’t affect the lights which is why I’ve discounted it. Other things that can cause humming are things like pumps being jammed but again they shouldn’t cause the lights to go out. So unless it’s a door interlock fault it needs an engineer with a test meter.

  6. avatarRamy says

    Thank you Andy for your response, actually I have checked the power supply and I changed it and I checked the fuse it’s ok my question is “the PCB can cause such problem?”

    Thank you again for your help and time.

  7. avatargordy bhandal says

    i have samsung washing machine for five years , i put in load half way it stopped, now when i turn on again it makes funny noise do not work there is water in it, what could be? please reply me what can b done thanxs gordy

  8. avatarImma Murray says

    My washing machine is Ariston. It stops mid-cycle (all lights off without any error). It stops after soaping so I unplug and put the programme from rinsing and plug this again. It starts and continue but after this being unplugged after so many hours. Sometimes it continues until the end but on other times, it stops again after rinsing (all lights off without any error) so I unplug again and put the programme from spin. It starts and continue again but after this being unplugged after so many hours (sometimes overnight). Is this a simple repair problem? I was thinking that there may be a problem with the delay timer (as there is an option for this… however the lights on the delay timer are not shown).

  9. avatar says

    Imma, if it stops with all the lights out it implies the power has gone, there’s a long-shot chance that the power socket could be dodgy so I would definitely try it in a different socket just in case. If you set the washer on a cycle with the delayed timer option I would expect it to still light the main light up to show that the machine is on.